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Merry Christmas! (a few days later)

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Christmas Day 2011
The big day has come and gone, and now we’re in the midst of Christmas vacation (a time I imagined as filled with doing end of year photo projects, organizing the house, reading my stack of new books–what was I thinking? How exactly would I be doing that with the kids?)

We had a wonderful Christmas starting on Christmas Eve Eve when our friends joined us for our annual get together, admire decorations, eat pizza, and play games.  I whipped them up a star hotpad:
More Folded Stars!
On Christmas Eve I finished another one for my aunt.
More Folded Stars!
I always think of Christmas Eve day as very long and slow, as you’re just waiting for the evening and going to bed.  Our day actually flew by! We had a pleasant morning baking and then headed out into the nice sunny weather to try our hand at geocaching.  We’ve never done it before and I’m so glad we did. Basically you follow coordinates and clues to find little treasures.  According to Paul’s app there are dozens nearby.  Although we did not successfully find the treasure (despite standing on top of it, according to our phone) we enjoyed tramping around the woods and having an adventure.  If this can get us out on weekends hiking around then I’m all for it! I enjoyed the nature:
and this, the single creepiest image I have ever come across in the woods:

After that we watched The Iron Giant, which was fantastic.  It’s animated and as Paul said it came out before animated movies were popular again, so it’s pretty overlooked.  I highly recommend it–we all loved it.  In the evening we went to my aunt’s for a merry gathering.  Then home to put out cookies and milk for Santa, the kids snuggled into bed, and Paul and I watching Elf.  Christmas morning we actually slept later than usual–7:25am!! We raced downstairs to discover laden stockings, notes from Santa, and a tree overflowing with gifts.  We had a wonderful day leisurely opening gifts, enjoying a big brunch of sticky buns, bacon, and eggs, and being together.  It truly was lovely.  Santa brought Tabby Baby Alive, which she has desperately wanted since her birthday.  She was thrilled and fed her many times.

Christmas Day 2011

Based on this Christmas I’d say if you are a 6 year old boy you are having the best Christmas ever-Clark got so many cool and neat loved gifts.  I wanted to play with them all myself!  He especially loved a big castle and beyblade stuff (which Paul and I had dismissed as “oh, tops” until we played with it-it’s awesome.)
Christmas Day 2011
Paul got me many wonderful tea related things, and I got him a ukelele to add to his musical instrument collection. And Santa shoved our family into the 21st century by getting our whole family a Wii.  I’ve never been a video game person, but I am loving it.  It’s really fun and although poor Tabby can’t really do anything on it, everyone else can and it’s fun to do together.

So now we’re still enjoying our gifts and the days off.  Oh, I gave several gifts made with my photos and I love how they came out and the recipients loved them too.  Our other big Christmas news was that on Thursday night our cat Sweetie fell out the dining room window and disappeared.  We hoped for a Christmas miracle but she was gone for 5 nights.  Yesterday morning she came back! (by came back I mean we caught her in a Havahart trap!)  She is very happy to be returned and has been insanely affectionate with us.

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, too.  Now, time to start thinking of a New Year’s Resolution post… 🙂


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  1. Happy Christmas to you! I’m so glad the cat came back! Excellent news, indeed!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the day, and that Sweetie was found safe and sound.

    Lucas also got a Wii for Christmas (right now the Wall of Voodoo song “Shouldn’t Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas” is running through my head), “Skylanders” is incredible! Best of all, we can use it to stream Netflix, so April and I have been watching the British comedy “Peepshow” almost non-stop.

  3. Merry Christmas! Thanks again for the gorgeous hotpad! And I’m so glad you guys got a Wii. We just finished up all the seasons of “Peep Show” last week; I didn’t think they could top the first season but it just kept getting funnier. I can’t recommend MarioKart enough, either. It’s great for playing in short bursts. I doubt the kids will be great at it just yet, but it’s a really, really great game for “no one wants to go to bed just yet but there’s crap on tv and hey, let’s run a few quick races”.


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