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Project 365: Year 2

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A second year of a picture every day!  Time to take a look back at my favorites.  Before I get into some narrative I’ll start us right off with my all around favorite picture of the year (shown above.)  Not only does it have happy memories of a day at Ocean Grove, but the whole framing and motion and joy of the scene is an all around pleasure to me.

Last year’s look back post was pretty massive as I analzyed my photos and also reflected on my year.  I’m afraid this year’s is going to be quite a bit shorter, even though I certainly took as my photos.[Update: I’m halfway through and I’m thinking that sentence might not be true-I intended not to include lots of links to pics, but I am!]  This year I got a bit lax about getting the picture posted on the actual day and often posted the next morning.  I’m not sure I challenged myself often enough, though during a slump I created a challenge for myself (Household Object Challenge!).
I did not complete SMERSH, the photo scavenger hunt of 101 items that my friends started.  I hoped to go back and pick photos to match the categories, but I didn’t. But who says SMERSH can’t keep going into 2012? I vow to complete it! In the meantime, this is what I had.
This year I also started using Flickr.  It made choosing which picture to post easier because I knew that my other runner up photos would be seen and commented on in Flickr. Librarian me loves the tagging/sets/collections way of organizing and accessing your photos (I initially didn’t like the photostream, but the other organizing aspects won me over.)  Other photos news-things I did with my photos.  Both Paul and my mom received mugs that I made at snapfish.  I did a collage and because you could import from your Flickr account it was super easy to grab a set.  Some of my sets are color themes and I love looking at the photos organized like that-Paul’s mug has all orange photos, mom’s is all pink.  I also made various calendars for people-a wall calendar with family pictures for Paul to keep at work, and chic vertical calendars for mom and a friend that featured botanical closeups.  I was so thrilled with them-I thought they looked like something you might buy in a shop! I definitely would like to have more stationary products made this year with favorite prints.  The other awesome thing I bought with my pictures was stickers made at Moo.  They are a beautiful quality and completely reasonably priced-I got a book of 90 stickers (with up to 90 different images-I grabbed 40 from a Flickr set) for something like $6. I’d include a photo of it, but I seem to have misplaced it.
Now, on to the photos!

Favorite Nature:  This year I had pictures of deer, pheasants, turtlesfrogs, and various birds (backyard or otherwise.)  This darling fawn was a favorite:

Favorite Chicken:  I couldn’t choose between two.  This lovely springtime one, which features our dear departed Blackie, and this vibrant garden one featuring our handsome black and white rooster:
Why are the chickens always looking at me like this?


Favorite Miscellaneous Category: This was a favorite photo of the year and it’s part Tabby-part action-part family-part black & white. Whatever it is, I love it!

Favorite Motion: With kids it seems like an awful lot of our pictures are action shots, running, leaping, splashing, and so on.  I liked this picture an awful lot only in part for the motion-mostly for the composition, bright kite, and sunshine.

Sunlit kite runner

Favorite of Clark: I think this is my favorite picture of Clark this year

, but somehow it was not chosen as the picture of the day(from the same activity, I picked this one. I wonder why?)! Clark had many great faces and actions photographed this year, as well as ones showing significant milestones, like Cub Scouts and bike riding.  Choosing from just Fairview pictures, I would choose this one, which I called “Carnivorous Clark.” We were having a nice hot summer day barbecue, which I think is captured nicely here-you can see the sauce on his face, his summer haircut, and his scrunched up face as he gnaws on a bone.

Favorite of Tabby: I confess it is harder to choose Tabby’s best picture of the year.  There were so many great ones and she indulged me in many photo shoots while Clark was at school.  She looked precious in her Christmas program outfit, intense in this action shot,  sweet as a kitty, and nifty in the air.  I’ll go with this as the favorite:
Pixie 2

Favorite Flower and Garden:  You can see all my garden shots in a handy dandy garden set on Flickr (I just love looking at the sets en masse) When I compared this set to my project 365 pics, I was surprised to see that some of my favorites hadn’t made it to the picture of the day (specifically, this.) I usually take pictures of just a single bloom, but I really loved this one this year-the filling of the frame with the buds, the clear focus in front, and the dots of bright yellow:

Favorite Garden: We didn’t have any success with our corn this year, so I guess it’s ok that this naughty scamp was in there gobbling up what he could.

Favorite Weather/Natural Phenomenon: I saw my first beautiful full rainbow this year, but was stuck taking pictures with my phone. Plenty of snow, ice, rain, and floods provided opportunities for many pictures of Mother Nature.  Early in the year I took this shot of frozen droplets on the clothesline and it remained a favorite all year:

Little Droplets of precipitation are definitely a favorite thing to capture-I just love their delicate, and often fleeting, beauty.

Favorite Food: This was probably my favorite food picture, but it did not make it into Project 365.  Of the photos that did, I love the seasonal appeal of this one

Favorite Object: The Household Objects challenge helped me find some very interesting shots inside the house, including this broken lightbulb.  For novelty’s sake, though, I just loved this picture of tiny things:

I also loved these flapping flags in the Asia section of Disneyworld’s Animal Kingdom:

Finally, a favorite picture of myself.

And with today I begin year 3 of Project 365! Fellow photographers, a happy snapping New Year to you! And to everyone who follows The Fairview, thank you so much for checking out my photos and all of your comments.  It means so much to me to share these photos with you.


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. Congratulations on completing another year of beautiful photos! I absolutely love the ones you’ve selected here — this looks like a professional photography blog. Just really, REALLY excellent choices. I think I love the one-two punch of the chicken ones you picked, and that sweet portrait of Tabby, the one of you and her, that GORGEOUS one of the ice on the clothesline (that’s one of my faves from this year), and, of course, your pick for the best of the year.

    I’m really looking forward to watching your 2012 in pictures!

  2. Whoa, what a year! You took some absolutely gorgeous photos this year. I think the one of Clark with the kite and the final picture of you and Tabby are my favorites. Oh, and the frozen clothesline. And the chickens! Ack! You took too many beautiful pictures for me to pick a favorite!

    Also, I’m so glad you’re enjoying using Flickr! I agree that the photostream can be a little tough because it’s easy to miss stuff when contacts post stuff, but the sets and collections and ease of exporting and the tagging and the comments, oh the comments! 😀

  3. Huh, it seems Schnookie and I have very similar tastes in your photos! 😀

  4. This was a banner year for you and your photography. So. Great. I love so many of these and that last one of you and your daughter is delightful. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Thank you so much Pookie, Schnookie,and Carol! Yes, the clothesline really was a favorite of mine this year and even though it seems narcissistic, I adore the picture of me and Tabby.

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