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A Day Bookended with Excitement

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Finally-snow!! Although we had the huge snowstorm at Halloween we haven’t had any snow yet this proper winter, so it was with much anticipation that we went to bed last night knowing there would be snow on the ground in the morning.  There was just enough to frolic in and make it a cozy day.  We played outside a little while and then enjoyed a cozy fire, video games, and The Return of the Jedi. Oh, and here’s some mid morning excitement-I went out to the chicken coop and there were two eggs in it! Hooray! At least one hen is back to laying!!



Then it was off to the Pinewood Derby.

2012 Pinewood Derby
In case you’re not familiar with this Boy Scout event it is held each year and the boys take blocks of wood and make them into cars which are then raced on a downhill track.  There are rules about weight and dimensions but other than that the boys can get very creative with their designs.  Clark had a good time working on his car with Paul and had designed a dragon type thing.  Clark designed, but Paul did the saw work.  He drew some wings and a crazy tail and then glued them on, painted it, and glittered it.
Clark's Pinewood Derby Entry
He loved his design and was sure he would win for “most original.”  [In addition to the winners of the most races there are awards for the different kinds of designs.]  There were lots of really awesome cars and it was interesting to see that the littler boys went for wild or funny designs whereas the older boys were all about streamlined cars weighted for speed.

2012 Pinewood Derby

2012 Pinewood Derby
Anyway, it was a lot of fun and at the end of the night, just like he hoped, Clark won for Most Original!! (oh, the voting was done by ballot by the scouts.)  He is so so proud, which of course makes us proud and happy too.  He is just thrilled that he has a plaque and Tabby was so excited for him that it was just adorable.

2012 Pinewood Derby


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  1. Congratulations, Clark! That’s so exciting! And totally seriously, it’s WAY cooler to win for Most Original than fastest. I hope I get to see this awesome car in action next time we come up for dinner!

  2. I’m so glad that the Derby was such a success! That was a very deserving win for Most Original, and I love that Tabby was so excited for it too.


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