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Happy Pie Day!

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Pie Day!
No, not pi, but pie.  The little known National Pie Day is January 23 and we are fortunate to have clever and creative friends who have turned this into an annual celebration. One of the best things about Paul no longer working at the library is that he no longer works on Saturdays and so this year when we got our Pie Day invite we had no conflicts and could attend…the 9th pie day party:

Pie Day!

Pie Day has two parts to it: the savory dinner pies, and the sweet dessert pies. On the savory end the pies included a tomato pie (basically pizza with just tomato sauce-Tabby loved this and asked me to make it a home), onion pie (heavenly sweet translucent onions), buffalo chicken pie, spinach pie, beer pie (malt, guinness, hops tea, and a meringue-I did not even go near this one), pizzas with barbecue sauce and chicken on them, pizzas with apples and ginger in the crust, a pepperoni pie, quiche lorraine, and the much anticipated sausage pies (primarily sausage with a little sauce. Tony has been trying to retire these pies, but no one wants him to.)
My favorites were the onion pie, the barbecue chicken pizza, and this spinach pie which had a very heavenly crust (Which I meant to ask how he made it and didn’t get a chance to, but I swear it was almost creamy with a hint of lemon.)
Pie Day!
I think next year I might make Cornish pasties-a hand pie with meat and onion in it.
Then it was time for the dessert pies! I think there were 10 in all. Some of them were a key lime pie (delicious!), an apple with a ginger cookie crust (delicious!), lemon meringue, sweet potato, apple-cranberry, blueberry (Or maybe it was a mixed berry?), blackberry-apple with a cheesy crust (a very nice combination), a chocolate-whipped cream concoction that Tabby loved, and something with a cheesecake type filling and lots of cinnamon sugar on top. I think I had a bite of everything. Oh, and the darling pie pops had two kinds of filling-banana/Nutella and apple.
Pie Day!
I have to say that I was doing fine not being full with the savory pies, but the dessert pies were so rich and delicious that after about 10 minutes I felt done in.
Pie Day!
I had made a Banana Walnut Tart from the cookbook The Modern Baker, which I received a couple years ago, is very beautiful, but I hadn’t yet cooked from. I was very pleased with the results. You begin with a sweet tart crust, lay down slices of banana, cover with a nutty batter, and bake.
Pie Day!

Pie Day!

Pie Day!

This is a super fun party–I love a theme party, and especially one revolving around food. Everyone really made great pies. Thank you, Pie Master, Tony!
Pie Day!


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