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Rainbow Cake
What a super busy weekend we had! On Saturday we went to see a show at RVCC (that’s our community college which hosts many great shows at their theater and this year we bought tickets to lots of things) called Aga Boom.  I really had no idea what to expect and it was awesome.  Described in the brochure as “avant-garde European clowning.” And indeed, that’s what it was-three clowns (with groovy and unusual makeup) and a kooky soundtrack doing strange things.  The craziest thing was the finale, which was literally them throwing huge sheets of crumpled up paper out into the audience. Tons of it. Followed by 3 and 6 foot wide balloons.  Sounds kind of stupid, right? But let me tell, the kids went nuts.  It was so bizarrely fun!

Then we met friends for a really early dinner out and went back to their house and managed to have the kids watch a movie while the adults played one of my favorite board games-Taboo.  I’m afraid my competitive side came out during the gaming 🙂  I spent the next morning going over in my head all the better clues I could have given.

Sunday was Clark’s Blue and Gold Dinner, which was a Boy Scout event.  Obviously this was our first one, and it was really quite a nice thing-catered food, a dj, and a dessert contest.  When the dj played I thought, “Are kids going to dance?” and oh my goodness you should have seen all those boys out there on the dance floor getting wild.  Well, except for Clark.  Who takes after his mother and sat at his seat watching everyone else which kind of broke my heart a little bit.  Paul insists he wasn’t unhappy though, and he did join in and enjoy the conga line.  As for the dessert contest…. well, you could bring a dessert and then the boys voted in several categories.  Clark and I had decided to go for the Most Colorful and make a rainbow cake. You know the one. You can see scads of photos in the flickr rainbow sugar group, and here’s Martha’s recipe for it, which is the one we followed.  We had a good time making it together, though I made the frosting on my own because I didn’t want to make a buttercream, but a blindingly white 7 minute frosting.
Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake
Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

I think it came out very well, but here’s where our first timer status got us.  We arrived a little bit late which meant that our entry was placed last on the four tables worth of desserts.  It was basically sitting off all by itself and I honestly think people never even saw it.  Also, it wasn’t cut into ahead of time which meant you only saw the colors on the edge (fortunately I had not frosted the sides.)  There was one other rainbow cake, which was made into cupcakes and they had one broken open to display the inside.  Because I’m not content to gracefully lose I’m going to insist that we didn’t win because basically no one even looked at ours. This is further evidenced by the fact that when everyone went up to the dessert buffet the only people who actually ate our cake were Clark, me, and Paul. That’s right. Not one other person took a slice. So next year-get there early for better placement, make something that already comes in individual portions, and also make a sign for it (I didn’t know that was something you could do.)  Also remember that the voters are young boys, so flashier is better-a rainbow made out of Skittles probably would have been good.  I will say that the cake was delicious (would definitely use Martha’s white cake recipe again) and pretty and the joke’s on everyone else because now we get to have it for dessert tonight.  [But my heart broke a little bit again for Clark when they announced the winner as “Rainbow Cake” and he jumped up with a big smile thinking he won 😦 .]

Another highlight of the weekend was Paul’s surprise win of 4 tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters next weekend!! We are also going to TWO concerts next week, so we should be good and tired by next Tuesday.  And now tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so Tabby and I are going to make some heart shaped cookies.


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  1. I would have voted for your cake! It looks awesome. Kate once made a cake for our brother that had camo-patterned frosting on the outside of a white cake. Only, the layers had bright red frosting inside, so when you cut it open, it bled. I’m sure the boy scouts would be into that! Heh heh heh.

  2. The cake turned out beautifully!! Love it! Yes, indeed, Clark’s cake should have won!! Next year I may have to crash the party & place a bunch of votes for his cake!!

  3. Here’s and idea I did once that incorporates your rainbow of colors AND individual portions. A rainbow of colors in butter spritz cookies! Spread out on a platter in a rainbow formation adds to the splash. Of course you could add even more color by dipping them in your favorite warm jam and then into rainbow sprinkles!

    Love reading your blog especially when you go to someplace near my home … your Grounds for Sculpture piece (I’m also a member) made me think that one day I will run into you all there!

    • Thank you, Toni! It tickles me to know that someone I don’t know actually reads this! I love your idea of the rainbow spritz cookies. We haven’t been utitilizing our Grounds for Sculpture membership nearly enough-hope to get there soon. And how funny it would be to run into you!

      • I finally created an account so that I can have a little photo icon =D

        We haven’t been to GFS since they had the carriages rides and the lights up for the holidays. I’d like to get there one day in the snow … fat chance of that happening this year! Now I have to go see if I too have any crocuses popping there colorful heads out!

  4. btw, I feel I should point out that the rainbow cupcakes did look great, too!


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