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Reversible Headband

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I’ve been growing my hair for a while now and well, I’ve got a lot of it. When I saw via Pinterest this lovely reversible headband I thought I’d give it a try.  What a great way to use small pieces of beautiful fabrics, plus you make a beautiful and unique hair accessory.  I made one side beautiful big pink roses and the reverse the green crosshatch Farmdale fabric.
Making a Reversible Headband
What I liked best about these instructions were the measurement for the elastic-5 1/2″.  The pattern seems obvious when you see it, but it was nice to have that spelled out.  So basically you sew two right sides together for the headband and two right sides together for the elastic.

Turn inside out, press, put the elastic in the smaller section-stitching down the ends, then insert that it. Now, I’ve always relied on chopsticks and safety pins for turning things inside out and threading elastic, but for Christmas my mom gave me a set of turning tubes & rods, and a “bodkin”.
Making a Reversible Headband
At first I thought these seemed like unnecessary gadgets–after all, what’s wrong with chopsticks and safety pins? Well, guess what? These little gadgets are awesome!! They totally work efficiently and better than the chopstick and safety pin methods.
Making a Reversible Headband
So how did it turn out? Well, I think it’s very pretty, but I might make the next one a little bit narrower.  I prefer my headbands to fit against my head and this leaves a big gap in the back.
Making a Reversible Headband

Making a Reversible Headband

But all in all, a great way to use your prettiest fabrics, washable, simple (seriously fast to make), and unique. I feel it was a success because I made it while Tabby was at school and when I went to pick her up someone (unprompted) admired it!

Making a Reversible Headband


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  1. I love these!!

  2. Ooh, it’s super cute!


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