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Marching in to March

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A few assorted happenings.  Yesterday was Read Across America day in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  It was fun as a librarian to celebrate this at the library and be invited to read at schools.  Now, I get to celebrate it with my own kids. The did stuff in school all week that celebrated reading and Dr. Seuss. Yesterday, on the actual day, we kicked it off by making, what else? Green eggs and ham for breakfast!
Happy Read Across America Day!
It was kind of disconcerting to eat-not because it looked gross, but more because it looked like peas but tasted like egg. I’m proud of my kids that they didn’t turn up their noses at it, but ate it all up.  In the evening we went to a Pajama Palooza at Clark’s school.

Have you ever had a cherry limemade at Sonic? Man, I love those things.  So yesterday, staring at a jar of maraschino cherries and a lime I just happened to have (to try out a new tilapia recipe where you marinate it with lime and honey) I decided to make one.  I stirred up sugar and water, squeeze in lime, tossed in a few cherries and some juice, and topped off with ice and fresh seltzer.  I have to say, it was delicious. Decidedly less sweet than Sonic’s and consequently probably a whole lot better for you!  Almost better than drinking it was looking at the tiny bubbles adhering to the strands of lime pulp. Doesn’t this look like some bizarre underwater or outerspace landscape??
Tiny bubbles... (sing it)
Other exciting news is that our next door neighbors got a new pony.  The kids, especially Tabby, were excited to meet her and can’t wait to go riding.

Tabby and Molly

Egg production continues to go well (despite the loss of a hen a few weeks ago) and nothing makes me feel quite so Ma Ingallsy as gathering them in my apron:

Collecting Eggs

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday so we’re baking and card making and looking forward to a nice celebration tomorrow. Oh! How could I have forgotten?! The most overwhelmingly exciting thing to happen this week is that we….bought a new car! The new Prius station wagon, which we’ve been coveting.  We traded in my beloved Jetta, which had served me very well for 9 years. Farewell, Jetta!


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