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Make Way for Ducklings!

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Time for a duckling update! They have been given names: Tom and Jerry, and Sally (which seems to be getting shortened to Sal.)  Tom & Jerry look exactly alike, but Sally is a tiny bit smaller and darker. She also seems more anxious if the others are not near her and becomes very vocal when separated. By the way, we have no idea what sex they are.  After the first extremely noisy peepy night they have settled down.

We’ve let them come out several time to roam and play. Oh let’s be honest-so we can hold them and watch them and take pictures of them!  They seem to really like that time and will nibble away and explore lots of things.  They especially like nibbling on my rings, people’s toes, and pants.


Also, if I lie on the floor with my camera they run right over to it and up to the lens. They also are happy to eat right from our hands and they are already very splashy and happy with water.

They are adorable and I’m excited about them, even if I’m not sure what to expect when they’re older.  We never had ducks so I really don’t know-will they roam around with the chickens? Would they return to the coop at night as the chickens do? I love how friendly they seem to be already.

I suspect by the end of the weekend we’ll have moved them into a new home-a large metal trough like container with high sides that will be secure, safe, and give them more room.  This will be in the garage and they’ll still have the heat lamp.
I’m amused and delighted at how many people are vicariously excited about these ducklings.  You can keep up with all the duckling photos over at Flickr-of course I started a set for all their pictures.
Playtime with Tom, Jerry, & Sally


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  1. They, indeed, are delightful! Thanks for sharing them with us today!


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