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Duckling Update

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Duckling Playpen
We’ve only had them for four days, but you can see that they are already bigger! They are growing quickly and according to stuff we’ve read, in just 5 weeks they’ll be able to be safely outside. In just 2 or 3 weeks they will lose their downy stripes and get their pin feathers.

Duckling Playpen
Today we cleaned out the big metal thing we salvaged and set it up in the garage for them.  This has very high walls and much more space for them.  The heat lamp is more safely secured and it will be a good location for them.  Of course tonight it’s going down to 36 degrees and we are actually going to bring the whole contraption inside. It has chicken wire over the top, so they should be safe from the cats.

We were very excited to let them have their first outdoor playtime today.  We simply put down a cubby thing that Paul is building and it made a great box for them.  They loved pecking at the grass and they went nuts when I tossed them a dandelion.It’s so cute to see how much they love their little pool (a pie tin of water.) It’s hilarious how many duck idioms there are-like ducks to water, like water off a duck’s back- and how we are witnessing all of them.

We had another busy couple of days.  In addition to oohing and ahhing over the ducklings and taking many photos of them, we had a big Cub Scout event for Clark on Friday night-his Tiger graduation.  Clark and his fellow tigers were receiving their Tiger patch.  They made a grand entrance in a Chinese dragon type costume, but made to look like a tiger.  Clark’s den leader had the idea and talked about it with me and Paul.  Paul made the fantastic face, and she and I worked on the body (sheets, fabric, and hula hoops.)  They made a spectacular entrance!

Tiger Scouts Graduation

Saturday morning we “met” Jack and Annie, of Magic Tree House fame.  Which is hilarious because they are fictional characters.  Our local Wegmans hosted the event and it was jam packed (but well organized-numbered tickets for the book stamping.)  The two did a theatrical show for a bit, then you could have your very newest book stamped and picture taken with them.

The purple crocuses are up and it’s feeling like spring.  The goal this week is to work on the garden beds and get those peas planted!


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