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Sparkly Easter Crafting

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Fabric Decoupage Easter Eggs

I saw via Pinterest the idea to decoupage Easter eggs with fabric scraps and sparkle Mod Podge and gathered up our friends after school yesterday to do this craft. Super easy and fun, with very sparkly pleasing results. All you need is a foam brush, Mod Podge (we used the sparkle variety), papier mache eggs (buy them at Michaels), and fabric scraps.  Our eggs turned out to be quite lovely since we used scraps of fancy designer fabrics! I pre-cut little scraps and set them out and then I also put the mod podge into little paper cups so everyone could work at his/her own spot.

Even the littlest girls enjoyed this! (Interestingly, the oldest boys seemed to be a little frustrated and gave up on it.)
Fabric Decoupage Easter Eggs
Fabric Decoupage Easter Eggs

The sparkle really does shine!
Fabric Decoupage Easter Eggs

I love decoupage and I am definitely going to make some more-either with fabric or paper.Unlike dyed eggs, these will last forever.  If I was still working I would absolutely do this as a craft program at the library.


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