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No More “Signs” of Spring

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Because it’s full-on Spring, yo!  The spring colors right now are amazing.  Due to the early warm weather some things are blooming ahead of time, which means that simultaneously I have daffodils in a variety of yellows and whites and oranges, red tulips, white and green striped tulips, and pink, purple, and white hyacinths.  I love how in the spring when you drive around it looks like a child colored in big areas of pink and yellow-yellow blobs of forsythia everywhere and pink blooming trees-it’s just so vibrant.
I love this daffodil's bright center
So, last fall I planted tulip and daffodil bulbs randomly all over the yard.  I did try to plant clumps, but didn’t always.  I guess I thought it would be fun to see random flowers blooming.  Well, they are indeed surprising us by popping up everywhere.  It does look a little strange, but I think it’s cheerful.  Now, if only I could figure out how to get my bulbs to naturalize and spread….

The new front garden, which last year we dug up, preserved the hostas, rock bordered and mulched, is looking great.  I did plant some bulbs in there (again, not clumped very well) and they are cheerfully blooming . The returning hostas look like they are going to be nice and large.  Perhaps all that aerating and mulching helped them out.  The fancy new peony I planted is coming up and I was thrilled and completely surprised to discover another peony coming up in the back which I don’t even remember planting (but clearly I did.)  On my to-do list has been to refer back to my wrap up gardening post and see what my thoughts last fall were for this spring.  So here I go, rereading the 2011 Garden Evaluation.  There you can see a picture of the front garden freshly mulched, to compare to how it’s doing this spring.
What the front looks like now

I’m glad I checked because according to my plan I should be digging up and dividing (if not removing) the pond hosta.

The plum tree is blooming like crazy and I really hope this year it will yield plums.  The pruning Paul gave it this winter seems to have done wonders for its shape.  I also vigorously pruned the butterfly bush after a Facebook discussion amongst gardener friends encouraged me to do so.

More Peach Blossoms

In other news a piece of Clark’s art was put on display in our town’s Municipal Building as part of the Youth Art Month.  We’re very proud of him!

In the world of our ducks they are growing by leaps and bounds are entering that awkward poultry adolescence phase.  Their pin feathers are starting to come in and are especially noticeable on their tails.  They still peep like darling little babies, though.  I wonder when that will turn into a quack??



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