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Duckling to Duck: Week 4

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We’ve now had the ducklings for 3 1/2 weeks.  We assume they were up to one week old when we got them (though we are not certain.)  They are growing and changing so rapidly.  A few times now we have let them into our pond to go for a swim.  The love it and immediately begin nibbling away at algae.  A potted pond iris makes a nice island for them.
On their little island
Curiously, Tom doesn’t seem that happy about swimming in there and prefers to stand on the island the whole time.  He actually seems a little panicky when swimming.  The others will dive deep, swim around, and resurface in a different location.  Two days ago one of them quacked for the first time, which was adorable and surprising.  We’ve since heard it one more time (both times the duck was distressed.)  peep peep peep quack! quack! peep peep

The new feathers are the biggest change in their appearance and they are coming in rapidly.  So rapidly that there is literally a visible difference every day.  They are about half down and half feather right now.
Tom & Jerry & Sally
The tails are looking like real ducktails now, too.

After a swim in the pool I brought them over to our wooden bench for some nicely styled photos.
Tom & Jerry & Sally
They enjoyed their bench photo shoot and preening in the warm sunshine.  In truth they don’t like being caught or really held, but are comfortable being close to me.
Tom & Jerry & Sally

The rest of our weekend included birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, Clark’s first sleepover, rearranging Tabby’s room (I remade the curtains into big girl curtains and she just received the dresser that was mine until I moved out) and yet another wonderful entertainment at RVCC-this time it was the Gizmo Guys-marvelous jugglers.  I also received fabric I ordered for making a quilt for our bedroom.  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to get started.  I’m thinking of doing a book challenge and at the same time I ought to challenge myself to actually sew all the things I keep meaning to. Alas-I’m a lot better at coming up with goals and challenges than I am at sticking to them!! Here’s a little spring mosaic from the past week:


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