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Happy Easter!

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(or, as we like to say, in the words of a memorable newspaper typo, “Happy Waster!”)
Sunlit small daffodils
Aren’t these daffodils lovely? They look like they could be on an Easter Sunday church bulletin cover. Seemed very appropriate for today.

I don’t remember getting especially excited about Easter as a kid, nor did we ever seem to have egg hunts (that I recall.) For our kids, though, Easter is pretty exciting and a very nice day.  The kids woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had left them each an egg on their beds filled with Cheerios. Then it’s on to downstairs where baskets awaited them filled with candies and goodies.  The E.B. had left a note letting them know that there were eggs hidden inside and outside the house. Great fun finding the eggs-that funny bunny had left some in his favorite hiding spot-the chicken coop!

Found one!
We spent the afternoon with my mother
Apres Ham walk
and had a wonderful dinner followed up by the carrot cake Tabby and I made yesterday.  I’m delighted with how it turned out:

Hoppy Easter
The licorice rope I’d been planning on using for his whiskers was hard and dried up (it was from Tabby’s birthday back in October), so I sliced dried mango. I love how it looks! And his eyes were a step up for me too. I’d been planning on black jelly beans, but then I saw I had these white chocolate melting disks, which I placed a chocolate chip on top of.
I was also really pleased with these surprise eggs I made. I saw them on a blog somewhere and since we have an abundance of eggs, knew I had to try them. Simply crack off the bottom of an egg ( I stabbed a hole and then just picked the shell to make the size opening I wanted), clean it out, and dye it. I had trouble dyeing mine and ended up rubbing them with gel dye, which sort of stained them. Let them dry thoroughly (this took longer than I thought it would and I ended up dabbing away at the inside) then pour tiny candies inside. Take a miniature muffin liner and glue it on to the bottom. Be sure to stick a little paper tag in inviting the recipient to crack the egg open!
Real eggs with treats inside

Cracked open

Happy Easter from the Debraski family!
Apres Ham walk

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