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A Visit to Cape Cod

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What a wonderful trip we just had to Cape Cod! Last week was spring break for the kids and Paul took Thursday and Friday off so we could have a long weekend on the cape visiting my great-aunt, Bobby.  Would you believe that at 97 she lives by herself and is totally with it? She is an amazing lady.  Paul thinks there is a bubble over her house, a longevity bubble, because she has a 22 year old car and a 23 year old cat.

It’s a long car trip but there and back we listened to eight A to Z mysteries, plus two Alvin Ho books, plus on the way there we had a wonderful lunch at a charming diner (with non-traditional diner fare), and on the way back we stopped at the Mystic Aquarium.  We like to make the travel days when we go places as fun or interesting as possible.

On the Cape we enjoyed puttering around at low tide:
Way out

Crab Claw

taking a nature hike that ended overlooking a spectacular salt marsh, and with a stop by a “sharpening stone” that the Wampanoag Indians used to sharpen their tool blades
Salt marsh

visiting the gorgeous Cape Cod National Seashore (Nauset Beach)
Tiny people on a big beach with big water



If there's a beach, Clark is leaping

and playing a round of candlepin bowling-something particular to the area that Paul knew, but I did not.  It involved softball sized bowling balls, you got three chances, and the pins are tall and narrow-like candles.  Now, I assume not all candlepin bowling places are like this, but this particular establishment appeared to be stuck in the 1950s/60s and it was fantastic.
We had the place to ourselves


It was a lovely weekend and fortunately the spring weather was gorgeous. I think it does a body good to be able to, every now and then, spend some time near water.


We were only gone  a few days, but it seems like things were happening like crazy with our garden and animals.  We returned to find the lilacs blooming and heavenly scent wafting over the yard, the small apple tree blooming, tulips blooming all over, a hen broody and sitting on eggs, the asparagus ready for eating, and the ducklings apparently turned fully into grown up ducks.  They have been moved into the chicken coop where they are enjoying that space for a little transition period before we feel comfortable letting them be as free range as the chickens.


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  1. great pictures !!! sorry we were sick


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