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Meadowsweet Mini-Me!

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On this last day of being 39 I treated myself to a lot of time sewing.  I was determined to keep going with that Meadowsweet fabric and make a purse or dress for Tabby. I’m thrilled with what I made-I made it up! I used one pattern piece for the body (slightly enlarged), and the rest I just figured out. I knew what I wanted it to look like and I came pretty close.  I ended up using the  plaid for one side and the medallion for the other.   I didn’t want it to be patchwork and couldn’t figure out how else to use the size pieces I had.  No pockets-so it’s fully wearable with either side being the front.
Tabby's Meadowsweet Dress

Meadowsweet Mother-Daughter
The neck yoke was a little tricky, but came out nicely.  If I tried this on her while making it I may have adjusted the shape to be a narrower U-as it is it’s a bit wingy on the shoulders. Also the armholes appear kind of big. But when it’s summer and you’re 4, who cares? It’ s not like a bra is going to show.

Meadowsweet Mini Me!

The hem is a bit of an amateur hour because I had to piece together my polka dot fabric, and the rickrack is not perfect, but again, who cares? I love the fabrics together and she looks adorable in it.  So here we are in our first mother-daughter matchy ensemble 🙂
Meadowsweet Mother-Daughter

Meadowsweet Mother-Daughter


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  1. I agree with you regarding your previous post about “hammy” arms! Just suck it up! Also, when I find a shirt that I like and it fits around the hip area, but is a little large around the armholes (and my bra shows a tiny bit)…well, that’s just a “suck it up” moment too. I figure that I am not going to spend my entire day with my hands raised above my head.


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