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Find Clark and Pippin
Do you see Clark and Pippin hiding?
What a beautiful spring day! Where to start-sewing? house projects? birthday celebrations? I’ll start with birthday.  Isn’t it nice when your birthday celebrations go on and on? Months ago I decided that to celebrate my birthday I wanted to have afternoon tea and a local tea house with my friends. Everyone agreed that would be lovely and we made a reservation.  So today was the day and what a nice time we had.  We were in a little room to ourselves and there were pots of tea and scones and little sandwiches and many charming things to look at. Including hats. Which I’m sure were not there for my modeling pleasure, but I tried them all on.
That's a fluffy hat of tulle
In the world of sewing I finished another top for myself.  I used fabric I bought last summer-a very lightweight white with navy design on it.  I used my trusty old pattern, going for the v in the neck and sleeveless, and binding it with vintage seam tape.  I have no picture of me in it yet, but here it is.
latest top
I also made myself a little clutch purse.  I saw a tutorial for one which got me thinking about construction and realizing that basically if I made the shape I like for a jewelry roll and just folded it in thirds and sewed the sides, that it would work fine.  I bought a magnetic snap, which makes it seem very real and fancy.  I also put a small pocket on the inside and I’m delighted with my accurate rick rack placement.
Inside view
A couple changes I will make for the next one–use a stiffer interfacing (I did use some fusible interfacing, but overall it’s too soft and floppy), make the purse less wide (I’m not crazy about clutches in the first place and this was just too long for me).  I used a busy fabric for this, but if I use a less busy pattern I will definitely embellish with a flower of some kind on the outside.
outside view of clutch
We were a very productive household today-cleaning out and tidying the office/back entryway/sewing room, and Paul working on cleaning the garage out.  He also got to work on a project he’s wanted to do for some time and when I got home from tea was able to see the finished product.

Terry the Pterodactyl
It’s a pterodactyl! Flying in our woods! The background here is that when I was a kid my dad made a triceratops and a pterodactyl, which he placed in the woods in front of our house next to the road.  They were pretty large scale skeletons (made out of plywood, painted grey) and very cool.  So now Paul has made one for us to delight and frighten kids playing outside-adding to the backyard wonderland.
"The Secret Grove"

And finally, the duck news. We have confirmed they are female mallards.  They are enjoying their new duck house (also painted this weekend) and are quite darling.  We are puzzled that they don’t want to swim in the pond anymore and instead will jump into a dishpan of water. How on earth is that satisfying?? Also, I’ve concluded that compared to chickens they are much less….busy.  Chickens rest, but they also spend a lot of their day walking around eating and exploring.  The ducks stick very close to the back door and the water, and they seem to rest a lot.


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. just curious-how do you confirm they are female-i thought you had to be Japanese (many chick sexers are Japanese)

  2. What a great birthday treat! There is a little tea shop in the next town over from us and I love it. That clutch is lovely! And the idea of dinosaurs in the woods is SO AWESOME!


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