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Chicks are here!

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It’s a veritable baby chick boom here. Shortly after I posted my post this morning I got a call from the post office that our live chicks were there. We raced off to pick them up.  So exciting! The postal workers were oohing and ahhing over the noisy peepy box.  Tabby happily held it all the way home.  
Coming home from the post office with our special delivery
Then the big opening:


Hooray! All alive and feisty! And oh my goodness, so so adorable! As you can see we ordered several different varieties.  I think it’s clear which ones are my strapping Buff Orpingtons.  Check them out compared to these tiny ones:
Buff Orpington & Mille Fleur Bantam (I think)-look at the size difference!
White Crested Black Polish, New Hampshires, Mille Fleur Bantams,  Buff Orpington, Golden Sebright Bantams, Black Silkie Bantam, Partridge Rock, Columbian Wyandotte, and Silver Sebright Bantam.  I believe that the tiniest ones are the Mille Fleur Bantams.
EEEEE! Box o' Chicks!!

They all appear to be doing well. At first the clustered under the light, then I lowered it (precariously, I need to work on something better-also I think we should cover the top with mesh to keep any possible vermin out) and they became livelier and willing to scurry around. They also drank water.
Moving freely under the light

Checking in on the instantly less exciting Mama Hen I saw that the one that I put under her (from the egg that hatched under the light) is fluffed up and I saw it outside of her. I was afraid she was leaving it to chill and die (in which case I will add it to the chicks in the container), but then it went under her.

So very exciting!
Do you like my hat?

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