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This year Tabby took dance classes at a dance studio. The big long awaited recital is Saturday night.  We’re totally new to this world of recitals and pricey costumes and so on, and it all seemed pretty crazy to me. Especially because it has appeared to me every week that Tabby doesn’t know what the heck she is doing. Today was the big dress rehearsal (and probably no pics on Saturday night, so doing a post now.)  She was so very excited to finally get to wear the costume (and makeup!) Because we missed the day they took professional pictures at the studio, I wanted to make a point of getting some nice posed pictures.  I’m delighted with how they came out.

Disco Galaxy Tabby

Disco Galaxy Tabby

And how did she do when it came time to go on stage? o.m.g. Hilarious. None of the girls in any of the classes seemed to know what they were doing. Everyone was looking into the wings to follow the steps, no one was in sync, some girls looked around confusedly, and yet….adorable. They all seemed so sincere, trying their very best, some conquering fears of being on stage with everyone watching, and it was kind of heart melting. And the costumes that looked so tacky and gaudy in the catalog looked great on stage under the lights. Who knew? Well, I guess costume designers knew.  As for Tabby? She seems to have a recessive gene that makes her love having attention and performing. In fact, she started bopping around before the music started. Then when it did, she was a hoot. She did not get all the moves down, but her moves were rockin’ and she had a huge smile on her face, absolutely thrilled to be dancing to music in front of lots of people. What has two thumbs and is a superstar? This girl!
What two thumbs and looks too cute? This girl!


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  1. Adorable! I remember the days of my daughter’s dance recitals.


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