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Divide and Conquer

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You may recall from past posts and pictures that our pond garden area, while very lush, is tremendously overgrown.  Last summer I felt like you could hardly see the pond and it was too jungley.  I vowed to hack the hosta apart and open it up a bit.  Earlier this spring I dig out over half of the big hosta.  I transplanted what I dug up to the front yard, where it is doing very well.  As for the left behind one? Doesn’t look any smaller!!
I'm so glad i hacked this hosta apart
This morning, looking at the other side of the pond, I realized the day lilies were out of control and needed digging up.
Pond View pre dig-up
It’s probably not the right time, but I didn’t value the plants tremendously, plus I know they are pretty hardy.  In fact, I believe some of them were divided cuttings from a friend.  Turned out that there was even a big beautiful hosta hiding in the middle of them.  It took several shovels and both Paul and I and a lot of grunting, but we finally dug up everything that was next to the edge of the pond.
The dug up lily
I filled it in with mulch.  It looks a bit barren, but I think that the plants that are behind that area will flop over towards the pond in a little while and it will look fine.  Also, the bullfrogs (there are definitely two) enjoy hanging out in the shaded area from the plants, and there are still plenty of shaded hidey holes for them. I’m also hoping our not-too-bright ducks will be more inclined to go in because I don’t want to always have a sled of water by the back door. That’s right, we put out a plastic toboggan with water in it for them. They love it.
Refreshed Pond Garden
The dug up plants are so massive that we are going to transplant them to the back wall part of the house that is just kind of ugly and barren.  I’m even thinking that next year I will divide my beautiful most successful hostas.  Look how humongous they are this year-glorious!
Hosta Row

I doubt it would hurt them to be divided a bit.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember in gardening that you need to divide, cut, and prune to help things grow to their best advantage.  The butterfly bush I pruned is already bushier and bigger than when I pruned it a month ago.  The plum tree we pruned this winter is looking exceptional (and is covered with tiny little plums that I really hope succeed in growing and ripening. Dare I say…to fruition?)

It was such a warm and beautiful day that we let the baby chicks out for a couple of hours.  I watch the ones with their mom and see that they spend plenty of time out in the air, not under the heat of her, so I knew ours would be fine.
Outdoor Outing for the chicks
At first they seemed a little uncertain, but then they really enjoyed scratching, chasing for the worms I brought them, and even dusting in the dirt-just like a grownup chicken! It was nice to sit with them because whenever we loom over their container to see them or pick one up, they are terrified of us.  But just sitting out there with them they were not afraid to come near us, crawl over us, and peck at us.  They are also very excited to try out their wings.  Yes, at two weeks old, the phase of adorable staged fluffy baby chick pictures is over.  Their grownup feathers are already coming in.  While the feathers are pretty the combination of little feathers and downy fluff is making some of them look quite…awkward.
Outdoor Outing for the chicks

Outdoor Outing for the chicks

I can’t get over how much they are flying about. I found one perched on top of the waterer the other day and the mother hen’s chicks leave the coop each morning by jumping out the door and flying down.

Tonight’s the big dance recital and we’re all very excited for it.  Oh! And last night we went to Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, which was just as spectacular as I remembered from when I was a kid. 8 motorcycles zooming around a steel ball! Ladies hanging by their hair and twirling! Daredevil trapeze artists! Oh, it was wonderful! The only thing I did not like was the elephants, tigers, and lions.  I know they’re a mainstay of their circus, iconic and all that, but I just don’t think wild animals should be doing tricks like that.  It frankly made me sad.  The dogs doing tricks, though? Fantastic and fun!

Enjoy your weekend and get out there in a little sunshine and fresh air!


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  1. I love hostas. Yours are fabulous!


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