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June is Bustin’ Out All O-o-ver!

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June-the month of graduations, Father’s Day, celebrations, endings, and beginnings!  For us, really, it’s just about school ending, and also Father’s Day, since May was the end of Tabby’s school and her recital, and we’ve never been invited to a June wedding. Today is the last day of school for Clark. He had a good year-made lots of new friends, enjoyed being in Cub Scouts, and became a confident reader (who loves reading comic books in bed!)  I can’t believe 1st grade is over! That makes it seem like I don’t have a very little boy anymore.  Here he is back in September on the 1st day of school, and today, the last.
Clark's 1st Day/Last Day
He actually doesn’t look that different except for his crazy haircut and his two front teeth, which you can’t even see in the picture. He’s pretty excited and we’re going bowling this afternoon to celebrate.

This weekend we celebrated Father’s Day.  We gave Paul a panini maker and the newest Handy Dad book--Handy Dad In the Great Outdoors.  The first book is what prompted Paul to make the zipline, the treehouse, and many more cool things.  This newest book is filled with great ideas for fun things to do outside.  Coming on the heels of his and Clark’s first outdoor overnight camping, the book was met with excitement.  I had stocked the fridge with delicious fancy sandwich fillings and we enjoyed paninis for breakfast and lunch.

For lunch a selection of different combinations

Besides eating tasty sandwiches all day we also had a good time playing on our new trampoline.  We’d been thinking about getting one for a while and then, conveniently, good friends with older children were looking to pass theirs on to someone.  We were the lucky someones!

Look who got a trampoline!

Look who got a trampoline!

Look who got a trampoline!

I was also happy this weekend to make up a bag for myself out of some awesome fishy fabric I found at Joann’s last month.  To coordinate and pick up the orange of the clownfish I found an orange cotton with a little cream pattern on it that reminded me of coral.  I love the way they look together.

Something's Fishy
I thought this would be a stiffer bag since it is home dec weight fabric, but it is quite floppy. I can’t complain though, since I brought it the library yesterday and easily stuffed it with books. Worked equally well at the park filled with my camera, snacks, wallet, and a magazine.
Something's Fishy

As I mentioned yesterday, the ducks are magically back together! Adding to the mystery of animal behavior, both yesterday and this morning the two ducks who were not lost immediately took off for their morning flight leaving the returned duck behind to quack in the driveway. Are they mad at her? Is she not as strong a flyer? Also, since she came back they all three have been swimming in and enjoying the pond. Perhaps she spent her days away swimming on the river and came back and told the others, “Hey! This plastic toboggan filled with water is ridiculous! You’ve got to try a pond!”
The baby chicks are doing ok spending their nights in the big coop-though they don’t go in by themselves. We wait for them to fall asleep and then pick them up and put them in their. I feel like we are seeing a very interesting difference between them and the ones who are the same exact age, but have a mother hen to show them what to do. All the other chickens go to bed by 7 (even though it’s light out), but these babies are running loose well past dusk (which is not normal.) Also, during the day they run around totally loose, whereas the babies with a mom stay with her. They are like teenagers without any supervision!

Happy Summer, Everyone!


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. I can’t believe Clark’s already done with 1st grade. That’s crazy!

    Also, I love the fabrics you chose for your bag! If you want it to not be so floppy, though, interfacing’s the way to go. Boomer made me a bag in upholstery weight fabric, but even that used interfacing, I think.

    • Alas, I was fresh out of interfacing! I seem to go through it so quickly and never have enough handy. I should just buy it by the bolt. Or by 3 yards more than I think I will need.

  2. I adore the fish fabric and contrasting straps! And I love floppy bags. 🙂


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