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Summer Vacation: Week 1

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Pink Hydrangea

Phew! We had a terrific first week of summer vacation (and actually, not a full week because Clark has school on Monday and Tuesday.) Although I firmly believe in a summer filled with relaxation and the freedom to explore and play, I do also believe in taking advantage of the days to have outings and do fun things at home.  Today I even felt inspired to say that every day we should do something artsy and craftsy, and looking in my giant cabinet of stuff I see that not only will we have fun, but we’ll also find out what’s in there.  A short quick list already came up with: stamping, pressing flowers, making books, moon sand, modeling clay, decoupaging pencil boxes, sand art, and of course, drawing.
Monday: (school) We went to Colonial Park and enjoyed the rose garden and sensory & fragrance garden, played on the new playground, and rode bikes (I ran next to them.)
Tuesday: (last day of school) We all went bowling. Kids bowl free in the summer!
Wednesday: swam at a friend’s house, had friend over for the afternoon and dinner,made spin art, watched ducks snap at lightning bugs
Thursday: insanely hot, stayed inside, watched “Despicable Me”, played computer games, swam at our neighbor’s went to the library to sign up for Summer Reading Program.
Friday: swam at a friend’s house in the morning, visited Grandma in the afternoon, made Fimo clay things, went out for pizza.
Not too shabby for a week full of fun! And lest you think we all get along all of the time, there was plenty of the usual kids bickering and so on.

Fimo Fruits & Veggies

Clark and Grandma

Today the weather broke with a tremendous thunderstorm.  Unfortunately as we were out at my mother’s, we had left the umbrella in our patio table up.  We returned to find not only it snapped in half, but also the glass table top completely shattered. 😦

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