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The Secrets of Droon–Finished!

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The Secrets of Droon is a children’s series by Tony Abbott.  Paul began reading it aloud to Clark at the beginning of the school year and it quickly became their thing.  Both of them were caught up in the magical world of Droon and all of the adventures there.  (You can read Paul’s reviews of the books on his blog.)The regular series, plus the special edition volumes, totalled 44 books.  Last night they finished the exciting conclusion and thus ended a happy year of reading it together.  I said we should do something to celebrate and that I’d make a cake.  Which somehow turned into make a cake with a map of Droon on it.  So….of course I did.  I’m a nerdy, crafty, librarian, baking mom-how could I not?  Now, honestly I don’t think this looks as great as it could, but I didn’t have a lot of time and worked with what I had handy.
The Secrets of Droon
And you know what? It doesn’t matter that it’s not perfect, because it sure was to Clark, who was absolutely thrilled to commemorate this event.

 The Secrets of Droon
He got the first piece and chose to eat the Castle of Silversnow, which I made out of a marshmallow. Tony Abbott, wherever you are, your books made one little boy very happy!!


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  1. Hello Sarah, Paul, Clark, and Tabitha . . . I love the Droon cake!

    I can see why Clark went for the Castle of Silversnow; it begs to be plucked. I think I’d be tempted to roam through the crumbly deserts in the center. So well done! Good thing there are paper maps. I don’t think this would last too long.

    All the best,
    Tony Abbott

    • Wow! I am so touched that you read this and left a nice comment–and Clark was really excited as well. I’m glad you like the cake 🙂 And truly, it brought him and my husband so much pleasure to read these stories together. Thank you!

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