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Bubble Snakes

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A friend of mine shared an idea and link for an activity she did with her kids over the weekend-making “bubble snakes”.  It’s the easiest thing ever with potential for loads of fun.  You simply take an empty plastic bottle and cut the bottom off. Then, take an old sock and place it over the open end and tape it firmly on. Mix some dish detergent with a little water, dip the sock end in, and blow in the mouth of the bottle. Great foamy bubbly strands will come out (just like the snakes that are fireworks.)  We also put food dye on the sock to make colored bubbles.  Clark loved this.

Unfortunately for Tabby she blew and then breathed in and despite my yelling, “don’t breathe in! the bubbles are coming inside!” she did it anyway and sucked a giant wad of dish detergent into her mouth.  Causing much spitting, coughing, and crying on her part. When asked if she’d like to try again when she didn’t have soap in her mouth she shouted, “NEVER!”

That’s a pretty sad face, huh? I did feel badly for her because I’m sure it tasted awful and she nearly threw up from it.  Tons of water and a chocolate chip cookie later, though, she was fine.

We had a great afternoon swimming in the river with Pippin.  I wish I had some pictures to share, but how could I take pictures when I had a dog and two kids in a river and was trying to keep people from floating away? No, we all just enjoyed the moment and it was a beautiful one.  The view of the farm, bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, and clean cool flowing water all around was simply terrific. And best of all was that since it was a weekday there was no one else there and we were able to have Pippin off leash.  Oh, how he loved it! He stayed in the water a long time, swimming and walking downriver, always coming back to us. It was very nice indeed.

I’d hate to end this post with such a sad picture of Tabby, so here’s a happier one of her from tonight with her most beloved chick, Crooked Mouth.  She keeps carrying her around as if she’s a stuffed animal or doll.

I also have a better photo tonight showing Nancy with her biological offspring.

In this picture in the back are a big black hen, and to her right is Mother Hen surrounded by her three babies. In the foreground is Nancy.  Do you see how the baby is identical to her?? Moments after this picture Nancy chased that baby away from her food.


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