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A Summer BBQ

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We had a barbecue with friends this weekend, which was very nice. In some version or another our four families spend lots of time together and it was good to have all four full families together at once.  The weather cooperated so were were outside the whole time.  The kids enjoyed our new trampoline and the treehouse, while the adults enjoyed having a drink together. This post is pretty much going to be all about the food!
Paul made delicious hamburgers and our friend David made homemade chicken sausage, which was fantastic.  Clark said, “those were the juiciest and best sausages I ever had.” Quite a compliment! He also said, “I like how they were chained together.”
David presents his homemade chicken sausages
Renee made beautifully presented towers of fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato; I grilled zucchini with fresh rosemary; Jen made a lovely Caesar salad. Megan made some amazing macaroni and cheese that had brie and asiago as the cheeses. To drink we guzzled Sangria.And what was for dessert?  Some time ago my friend Pam had sent me her recipe for Sour Cream Lemon Pie and I decided to make that. I guess I was feeling inspired to make recipes I’ve had in my box for a long time and never actually used, because I also followed an old recipe for Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.
I used my regular pie crust for the pie-nice and flaky. The filling was a tart and tangy and bright lemony curd that has sour cream folded in. I served it with fresh whipped cream.
Sour Cream Lemon Pie
I also made a double pie crust recipe and will use the other half tonight for quiche. Also, since the recipe called for three egg yolks I decided to whip up the whites into some meringues. Since I had the beaters and baking things out, why not? I beat them stiffly, added sugar, then a little vinegar, cornstarch, almond extract, and toasted almonds. We can either nibble on them as sweet treats, or have them for dessert by using the rest of the whipped cream and fruit and making little pavlovas.
The ice cream sandwiches basically are a large thin rich brownie that gets layered with spread out and frozen ice cream and sandwiched together. Note for next time I make these-do the day ahead to really get them frozen hard. The kids got a big kick out of seeing the giant mega sandwich before I cut it into pieces. These were delicious, though very tall. In the future I think I’d have the ice cream part be about half the height.
Ice Cream Sandwiches-homemade (except the ice cream)

All in all–the classic good food, good friend, good time!



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