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After Hours Dessert

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I’ll tell you right now this post has no photos. Zip. I was so busy making and then eating this all in a matter of a short time, that there was no time to try to get a picture.  But hopefully my description here will be vivid enough that you will want to make this, too.  What is it? Well, a long time ago my friend Joanna and I used to make a version of this with apples called “apple slop.” But that sounds unappetizing so I didn’t title the post that. But this is “Peach Slop.” Or, a fancier title, Caramelized Peaches over Vanilla Ice Cream.
Last night after the kids were in bed and we were about to watch tv it was time to find some after hours dessert (that right there probably explains why Paul and I can’t lose weight).  I had some vanilla ice cream and rather than just eating a peach, or putting the fresh peach on top of the ice cream, I decided to hearken back to the apple slop days.  Here’s how to do it (or, how I did it, follow along or alter for your own tastes)

Heat my small cast iron pan. Put in a spoonful of brown sugar and let it melt a bit. Add a similar sized spoonful of butter. Stir around.  Slice up a very juicy peach and add that to the pan. Slice up a couple of pieces of crystallized ginger and add that. Add a dash of cinnamon.  Stir around until it’s very syrupy and bubbly.  Have ready two dishes of vanilla ice cream.  Pour half the mixture into each dish. Gobble up immediately.  The hot syrup melts the ice cream, but not not all of it.  The melty cream mixes with the caramel and peaches and is oh so amazing. The crispy caramelized candied ginger puts it over the top.

Go ahead and make some tonight-you’ll love it!


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  1. Since I don’t like peaches (or apples, for that matter) I think I’d be happy with just the brown sugar and butter! 😉


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