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Of Ducks and Pullets and Eggs

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Last week we found what we believed to be the first egg laid by one of the pullets. Much excitement over the first (and second) egg, especially because they were a delicate blue-green color.  We assumed that it was laid by the mystery chick (the one the hatchery adds to your shipment, not one of the breeds we chose.) So then much wondering about her-Ameraucana, Aracauna, or Easter Egger? The first two are specific breeds that lay blue-green eggs, the last is any chicken that carries the blue egg gene.

Around this same time I’ve been keeping an eye out for any duck eggs.  The other day I happened upon one of the girl ducks in a nest in the garage. I startled her and she quickly left, but it sure seemed like she was looking for a place to lay her egg.  Yesterday we saw both ducks taking turns in the chiminea looking like they were settling in.
Just checking things out
And yet, no eggs anywhere. By the way, reminder-we’ve never had ducks and I really know very little about their eggs except that I hear they are great for baking.  I thought they would be rather large, white, and maybe even slightly differently shaped.
Well, last night I walked into the chicken coop and suddenly noticed this in the corner:

Holy Crab!

How could we have missed this? A dozen small blue-green eggs!! Obviously it took at least a week, and although it was in the corner was not especially hidden.  Turns out, according to further research, that mallard ducks eggs can be that pale blue-green color and can be the size of chicken eggs. The ducks are older than the pullets and this does make more sense (the pullets we are not expecting first eggs from for another month or so.)

Because we don’t know how old these eggs are we will not be eating them (though we will eat the 2 I already collected since it was clear they were freshly laid.) We removed 8 of them to make some room in case that is where she wants to be laying her eggs and I believe she already laid another one today (Paul marked the old eggs with an x so we would know if she returned there and laid anything new.)
So much egg and poultry excitement! Oh, and Mother Hen appears to be broody again. Going into the favorite nesting box and trying to sit on everyone else’s eggs. I just keep taking the eggs.

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