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Riding at Duke Farms

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This weekend we went back to Duke Farms-this time with our bikes! It took me about two seconds to type that and it sounds easy and cheerful doesn’t it? I don’t even want to tell you how long it took to get the bike rack on and the trailer sorted out and so on. Suffice it to say that we ended up being unable to use our new spacious station wagon and had to use the older car anyway, and also that I got nothing done in the afternoon because I kept thinking we were leaving in five minutes.  Anyway,  we finally made it there with bikes for me, Paul, and Clark, and the bike trailer for Tabby. We grabbed a map when we arrived and set off.  Almost immediately after entering “the core” we had to stop to be blown away by the “Hay Barn.”
The Old Hay Barn
This was the old hay barn and all but the stone walls were destroyed in a fire.  So, of course, Doris Duke turned it into a sculpture garden and placed these gorgeous statues all around it.

when it burned down Doris Duke turned it into a sculpture garden

Proud Maiden

It was such a pleasure to explore the property by bike. For one thing, we were able to cover 5 1/2 miles, which we’d never do walking with the kids. Also, who minds coming upon a dead end and turning back when on bike? Also, we got to see so many cool things all over the place-the Orchid Range, statues, lakes. Also, it’s just fun to ride a bike! For Clark it was especially exciting because we live on a road that is simply too dangerous and difficult for him to ride on. All of his bike practice has been in our driveway, or if we drive him to a park that has paths. So he had a really good time and did great.
Clark and Paul pedalling along
We stopped to snack in the same place we visited the first time-the Mermaid Pool-which was lovely.
And we ended our tour by the beautiful greenhouses, which used to be open to the public.
By the fountain in front of the old greenhouse
We are really enjoying Duke Farms and will continue to visit it! It’s such a pleasure that it’s so near our home, too. And on the way there are a few gigantic sunflower fields, and these had better photo access than the other one I’d found, so….
Massive sunflower field.


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