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You Can’t Always Can

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Though I have been enjoying canning jam and corn salsa, I think for some things it’s just as easy and better for the produce to simply freeze it.  That’s what I’ve been doing with all the hot peppers as they ripen.  I’ve got a freezer bag with minced up hot peppers in it and every time a couple more ripen I just add them to the bag.  I’ve learned my lesson (sort of ) and am trying to wear gloves when I handle them. These peppers keep burning me!!  I’m really looking forward to making chili in the winter and just adding a spoonful of these minced peppers to the pot.


I’ve been roasting and then freezing the cherry tomatoes, or else eating them in salsa. I really don’t have enough tomatoes to can, especially since you need a big quantity all at once. However, I did take what I had and made a nice batch of spaghetti sauce. That could be frozen, but we just had it on pasta.
Yet more tomato uses

As for the cucumbers….why am I so good at growing something I only like a little bit?!
Too many cucumbers!
This year I deliberately planted fewer and there are so many out there it’s nutty. Perhaps next year I’ll just plant one seed. And how come I didn’t plant zucchini, which I do like?
In one of the four garden beds I planted winter squash. I can see one baby squash on the vine, but I believe the entire rest of the bed has been taken over with morning glories. Since I adore them, that’s ok.

Here’s the Coop News: I took all the indeterminately aged duck eggs and blew them. For the record, what came out would have been fine to eat. So now I have beautiful pale blue eggs for Easter next year.  As for the fresh eggs (there is a new one each day) I used one for eating.  Which sounds exotic, except that I used it in Jiffy corn muffin mix.  No noticeable difference.

Yesterday morning one of the ducks went missing. I’m hopeful that since one of them disappeared for a few days before and came back, that that’s what’s going on now. Meanwhile, just when egg production was very high Mother Hen went broody again. It wouldn’t be a big deal except that she chose the same place-the nesting box everyone uses. And it seems like everyone squeezed in there next to her to lay her egg yesterday. I didn’t want to take them out because I knew she had a couple incubating and well, I’m just hoping the other ladies pick another box. We had a hawk menacing the flock the other day-I watched it fly right down to them-so we’re keeping our fingers crossed everyone stays safe.  I have an idea of taking a photo of each of our different kinds to show how they’ve matured since their baby pictures.


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