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What a great trip we just had! We didn’t plan our vacation until pretty late in the summer, but we were still able to find something we wanted  and a great place to go. We went to the Adirondacks-the Lake George area. I’m happy to report that we continued our tradition of serendipitous good luck, great restaurants en route, and were able to enjoy the outdoors. After depositing Pippin, Nibbles, and Blackie in the caring hands of Grandma and popping in the first of many books on cd, we headed up the Northway. When  we travel we pretty much never eat at rest stops, preferring to find local restaurants in nearby towns and make a nice hour or so stop be part of the trip.  We’ve had some pretty great meals this way, plus it lends a spirit of adventure to the trip.  We exited in Coxsackie and in the midst of a not-very-promising strip mall we found Mambo!  Promising “mission style burritos” and a specials board outside, we knew we found the perfect place.  Charming and funky I had the “deconstructed blt”, which was an open face soft taco with bacon, homemade tomato jam, and a bunch of other stuff that was fresh and tasty.  Driving through Saratoga Springs makes me want to go there someday for a grown up getaway.  A short while later we arrived at our destination-Lake Luzerne.  This is about 10 miles south of Lake George and there are rivers and lakes and cottage and cabins and it’s just beautiful. The town itself is extremely small.
We had a tiny and rustic cabin that had all we needed, and we were closest to the “beach.” This roped off swimming area was so great. The river bottom was sandy and then smoothly rocked, and it was crystal clear. There was a little swimming raft that we all loved jumping off of.
Here’s a view of our cottage, taken from out in the lake.
And here’s our view in the morning:
It was so interesting where we were located-actually on the Hudson River, at the confluence with the Sacandoga River, downstream from a dam.  The power company “turns off” the water flow from the dam around 6pm and then back on again around 11am.  This meant that in the mornings the water level was quite low, attracting herons to fishing and getting us stuck when we tried to take the boats out. We had a paddleboat, rowboats, and kayaks to use at our disposal and it was wonderful to just go out for a little bit and paddle around.


We did go into Lake George one day and rode on the historic Minne-Ha-Ha steamship. This gave a lovely tour of Lake George and a gorgeous view of the mountains and waterfront homes.


We were only there for three nights but made sure to make use of our campfire and make s’mores as the sky grew quietly dark around us.  There was also plenty of time for reading and playing games. (I love games so much-why does it take not having a tv to get us to play them?)


From where we were we could easily see the rapids of the Sacandoga during the day and decided that we’d love to go white water rafting after watching rafts come down the river.  A call to the Sacondaga Outdoor Center, an opening, and we were in for the last trip of the day.  And here’s some of that awesome vacation luck-turns out some other people cancelled and we ended up having just our family + our terrific guide, Jack, in one of the smaller rafts. So it was like an awesome personal raft.  You go down the river in a group with 2 other rafts and there’s a nice section where everyone jumps out and floats and swims and it was so incredible floating down that river I can hardly begin to describe it.   And my adventuresome little ones! Oh, they loved it! We did hit some really big waves and got drenched and they just loved it. Clark said it was the best thing he’d ever done and afterwards said it was “scary and awesome” with a huge grin on his face.

And here’s where that picture was taken:

By the way, this trip was after having lunch at a charming cafe that overlooked this:
On our way home on Friday we had a very exciting detour. About 5 years ago on a trip to Vermont we’d done our usual “let’s find a cool restaurant” and eaten at a charming cafe called Miss Lucy’s Kitchen.  We hoped it was still there and that we could find it (slightly uncertain of the town and couldn’t seem to find it via our phone).  We got off in Saugerties, wandered into the town, and there it was! In 5 years the neighborhood had become quite hip so after lunch we poked around in some funky shops.  If you are ever near Saugerties I highly recommend Miss Lucy’s Kitchen–fresh, locally raised and grown food, and it tastes amazing. Plus there are vintage aprons hanging all about-something I didn’t recall-and so it felt even more like the perfect place for us.

This vacation reminded me so much of my beloved 1000 Island vacations from growing up. The beautiful scenery, relaxing, and being in and on the water. Paul took this picture of Tabby and I and it pretty much sums up the very happiest moments of the summer for me–splashing around laughing together in cool water in that early evening sparkling sunlight.


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  1. What a beautiful vacation! It is just so neat to see so many things “just work out” like this. Awesome!


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