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Hello, Second Grade!

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1st day of school!
Today was the first day of school for Clark.  I’m happy to say he greeted the day with a lot of excitement.

1st day of school!
And when he came home he had a huge grin on his face and was so happy. He said second grade is the best grade ever, his teacher is so great and nice, and they had Spanish for the first time and that just thrilling for him.  It made me warm all over to see him so happy about school.  I know that he won’t have that same level of cheer and excitement every day, but it’s so nice to start off like that.
1st day of school!

For a special first day of school lunchbox cookie I made ninjabread men for him.  I got these cutters from ThinkGeek a while ago and this is the first time I used them. I think came out quite well, even undecorated. The pretty peach dessert is a cheaty type dessert. I had two peaches about to go bad (one was half bad!) so I sliced them up and tossed with cinnamon and lemon juice. Then I rolled out some of the sugar cookie dough I used for the ninjas and fit it into a 9″ removable bottom tart pan and baked it under nicely golden brown. After it cooled I spread it with a beaten mixture of confectioners’ sugar and cream cheese and vanilla. Arranged the peaches on top and, as I saw written in a magazine last night, viola! a tasty after dinner treat.

 Everybody was kung fu fighting


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  1. Wow! You are amazing – I would never have guessed that your dessert was spur of the moment OR using up about-to-go-bad fruit. It looks masterful! (and delicious) I also love the ninjas, how neat!

    • Thanks Anne! I like to put about to go bad fruit into things because no one will eat a peach if they saw that part of it was moldy. But if you peel it and cut up the good part, no one will object and they will happily eat it.


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