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Mother Hen, Again!

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My goodness it has been a busy full first week of school.  Suddenly the kids have “activities” and I am “volunteering” and it’s class parent meetings and soccer practice and Cub Scout meetings and so on! I didn’t quite settle into the back to school routine yet (you know I like to take time for myself while Tabby is at school), but I did manage to make one apron.  And Paul and I also worked on a very crafty project. And today I roasted and froze the latest crop of cherry tomatoes, chopped and froze the latest crop of hot peppers (I have a quart freezer bag almost full of minced hot peppers-it will take forever to use!) and then made and canned peach jam.

The apron:
Bright and Beautiful
The jam:
Sadly the jam did not seem to set well and all the fruit floated to the top.  However, initial tastings say good peach flavor and not too sweet.  I had drastically cut the amount of sugar called for in the recipe and that may have been why it didn’t set so well (though I was using liquid pectin, so who knows.)

The crafty:
Popcorn Colonel

On to the biggest news of the day…Mother Hen is a mother again! If you follow along you’ll know that she went broody again after her chicks had successfully grown up and were independent. Due to some messiness with the other hens trying to lay their eggs on her I had to remove her and the eggs from the nest. But the next day she was back on to a new nest. She is one determined broody hen! We ended up putting some loose chicken wire in front of her to keep the other hens out (not always successfully-I had to pull one out the other day.) She is patient and consistent but we just didn’t know whether or not she’d get anything this time. This afternoon I popped my head into the coop to say hello and collect any eggs (none-because all the good layers have found a new spot-under the table saw in the garage) and I heard that distinctive “Peep! Peep!” of a new chick. We heard it several more times during the day but have not seen anything yet. This time I vow to be patient and keep a respectful distance and trust that she knows best. I’m pretty excited, though, and can’t wait to see the newest additions. Here’s Mother Hen, wishing I would go away probably:
Congratulations Mother Hen!


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