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Really Love Your Peaches…

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Last week we went peach and apple picking.  I made jam with many of the peaches, but still had a lot to use. Of course, some we ate and I did make a cobbler, but I wanted to try my hand at canning peach halves.  When we picked the peaches one week ago they were pretty much all very hard and a bit underripe.  Today? Perfect. Sweet and juicy.  I peeled the peaches and cut them in half and splashed them in lemon juice.  Then I made a light syrup (following Ball’s  proportions) and added the scrapings of two vanilla beans to it.  The peaches got packed in the clean hot jars and the hot syrup was poured over.  I made 4 pints, but only three of them sealed.
Canning Peaches
That’s ok-I dispatched Paul to the store for some vanilla ice cream and we ate the unsealed peaches over top-delicious!
Only 3 of the 4 jars sealed, which meant we had to eat the jar that didn't seal over some ice cream. Such a shame.
I love autumn and apple picking and pumpkin picking. Today we went to an Apple Festival at an orchard not too far from here. It felt very much like the local place we do our pumpkin picking-except it was more crowded and we had to pay to get in. What gives, Princeton? But the cider donuts were not to be beat–

Cider Donuts Rock
And we all enjoyed the corn maze. Here’s Clark making his “Scared face-like someone is chasing you” in an homage to Children of the Corn (a film which I had to watch and was the most terrifying thing I’d ever seen in my life and I’m still afraid of.)
Children of the Corn

They're so corny


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