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A Day Off-at the museum!

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Yesterday Clark had a day off because of Yom Kippur.  We decided to have a big outing and go to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  I’d never been there before, though Paul had brought the kids when Clark was 2 1/2 and Tabby was an infant. By the time we got going (Tab still had morning preschool) I really didn’t feel like hauling all the way into Philly and finding parking and so on, but Clark was really eager to go to a natural history museum.  I’m so glad he was because we had a wonderful time.

What turned out to be a special exhibit was our favorite part-for all of us! A long room had beautiful display cases showcasing specimens from mammals, ornithology, ichthyology, invertebrates, reptiles, shells, etc.
Jars o' eels
This museum has been around for 200 years and it was really clear how this museum is a scientific institution with scientists discovering, cataloging, preserving, and educating.
Condor + a row of tiny colorful birdies

I especially loved when the writing on specimen tags was really old.IMG_1319

We were lucky to have a wonderful volunteer show us lots of things and talk to the kids a lot about different things (it was wonderfully empty there!)

Paul and Clark check out the exhibit with a wonderfully kind and informative guide

The dinosaur exhibit was great and Tabby wins the prize for the funniest dino photo:
Aaaah! I'm being eaten by a T. Rex

Clark is sporting some fierce horns:
Angry Triceratops

All in all, a wonderful outing!


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