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Autumn Ahoy!

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Warty Pumpkins
It’s pumpkin time! Summer’s gone and fall is definitely here.  This weekend we took a short trip to the Scranton, PA area to visit good friends and spend the afternoon at one of those autumn farm fun type places (corn mazes, pig races, pumpkin picking, hay rides, etc.) You know, I don’t recall anything like this when I was a kid, but they are all over the place now and seem to be de rigeur for fall family fun.  Is it because farms needed to turn to agri-tourism to make a living? Whatever, it’s good fun.

The skies were intensely threatening with a heavy blanket of dark grey clouds.
A heavy blanket of dark grey clouds was above us most of the day.
I did manage one cute blue sky photo of Tabby
In search of a nice autumn portrait.

All in all we had a wonderful time with our friends and the foliage and views on the drive out were just beautiful.

In the meantime I’ve been a flurry of domesticity.  I baked cinnamon swirl bread on Friday to give to our neighbors and to bring to our friends.
Cinnamon Date Swirl Bread
Can you resist the smell of homemade cinnamon yeast bread fresh from the oven? Well, we couldn’t and we had to eat up a loaf.  So then I made two loaves of pumpkin quick bread.
It's autumn-start making pumpkin stuff
So autumnal!  I’ve also been working on aprons and made up a quick skirt for Tabby.  A big fabric sort came across a very large piece of this gorgeous owl corduroy fabric.  It came with one selvedge edge hemmed/serged, so it was a very simply matter of just a side seam and then an elastic waist.  It thrilled me to use this:
29 cents
Mint in package 29 cents elastic from Woolworth.  Mint in package no more! I opened it right up and was thrilled with this nice wide waistband it gave her.  A couple of pockets with pink piping make it extra cute.  It’s unfortunately a little too loose and a little too long, so it might need some adjusting.
Whooo's Going to Look Cute?

I also finally completed a project that started in the spring-placemats. Honestly, there should be nothing easier than cutting out 8 same sized rectangles, sandwiching them with batting, quilting some lines, and binding them. In reality when I quilted them the fabric moved and I ended up with four different sized placemats (as I had to cut down to wear there were three layers.) Also, the “simple machine quilting” took longer than you’d think. I did a different pattern on each as I searched for the fastest one: free form squiggles (pain in the ass), diagonal lines, diagonal grid, and big lines radiating out from squares.
World's Easiest Quilting Project Which Took Worlds Longest Time
By the time I was in Jo-Ann’s last week I just picked up packages of binding because I was not going to make my own binding it for anymore. For all that it was a pain, I love the fabric and enjoyed looking at it while I ate my breakfast this morning.
World's Easiest Quilting Project Which Took Worlds Longest Time

And that’s what’s new here!



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