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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for….Tabby!

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Yesterday was Tabitha’s 5 birthday and, as it fell on a Saturday, we also had her birthday party.  It was a day of cheerful excitement from the moment she woke up…
Good Morning, Birthday Girl!
…until the moment she fell asleep surrounded by new Barbies and dolls and by the light of a unicorn DreamLight.
Tabby had chosen an ice cream theme for her party. I looked online for some ideas and saw a cute idea for a festive party accessory. Enter the ice cream cone headband:
Hooray! I'm 5! (and wearing an ice cream cone party headband)
We were blessed with a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon and held the party entirely outdoors. A few balloons and paper lanterns and we were good to go.
the party scene waiting for guests
I didn’t plan too many activities for the girls because I know that when kids come over and are outside they all want to have fun in the treehouse and on the trampoline, and indeed they flocked to those things. I did have a nice craft planned, which was making decoupage Halloween jars. I did this last year with my kids and they loved it and it was fun to pull them out this month for decorations. You just take tissue paper and decoupage it onto a glass jar and put a tea light inside. I had orange and green and black. The more artistically mature kids make them look like jack o’lanterns or monsters.
Crafting up some Halloween jars
We also played musical chairs, which was fun. Paul made a beautiful cutout for this year
This year's birthday cutout-a masterpiece, Paul!
We had a grand idea for a homemade pinata-an ice cream cone- which we began making earlier in the week. We used traditional flour and water paste to cover strips of newspaper which I wrapped around two ballons. I painted them into two scoops of ice cream. The plan was for a brown paper cone on the bottom. At this point we realized we didn’t know how we’d hang it. All the candy was stuffed into the top scoop. Ultimately we decided Paul would have to bravely hold the pinata in his hands and have the girls use a somewhat soft bat to whack at it.
Paul & the Pinata--we had no way to hang it
The pinata did not make it past the second hitter, but it was still fun and of course the girls went berserk picking up candy.
Since this was an ice cream party the highlight was a make your own ice cream sundae bar. We had a few flavors of ice cream and several toppings.
With the ice cream sundaes
I couldn’t not make a fun cake, so we had that too and I love how it came out.
Presenting the birthday cake

The party was from 2-4, which was great timing. After everyone left we enjoyed opening the gifts and then we took the kids out to dinner. Still time to come home, read stories, and tuck into bed with new toys. I think Tabby had a wonderful 5th birthday and we all enjoyed celebrating it with her. Happy Birthday, Tabby!
looking beautiful and like such a big girl


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