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A Teeny Tiny Egg

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We’ve had our eyes peeled for the pullets to start laying this fall and it seems like one of them has been contributing to the daily eggs. A slightly smaller brown egg, pretty standard, has been showing up in the egg boxes. But today we had the excitement of the first egg from one of our tiny speciality birds-Quicksilver! She is the tiniest of our chickens and is a Silver Sebright Bantam. Since she is a bird she will lay eggs, but she is not a breed that regularly lays a lot. Today I was startled to discover her in a flower pot in the corner of the garage. And not just in the pot, but basically underneath a pile of garden netting. She peered out at me from super secret nest and I quickly retreated. She was in there a pretty long time but eventually an extremely noisy ruckus called me back in. She was out of the pot and two of the big birds were near her and she was squawking like crazy. They all left, I peeped in the pot and there was a tiny white pointy egg. Oh how I wish I had a picture. But I don’t. Because I lost my camera’s battery charger and both batteries were dead and it simply couldn’t be found for the past few weeks. And then the other camera was missing. And then Tabby broke the egg. (In happier news she found the battery recharger under the couch and was able to claim the $3 reward I had offered for it.) So that’s a long egg story with no egg picture. But here is Quicksilver posing next to a big hen who kindly hopped up to offer perspective.
For a size comparison one of the standard hens jumped up next to her.
They are perched in the remains of our apple tree. It was very old and used to be lovely, but has clearly been dead for a while now, so Paul chopped it down today in an extremely manly display.
In other news I’ve been sewing a lot. I finally made up a much anticipated teapot apron,
and I’ve also whipped up a few potholders.
One Side..

..and the other
Personally I don’t care if my potholders have loops because I keep them in a drawer, not on a hook. But do you think people will be expecting loops?? I’m also making headway on my felt ornaments and I’ve packaged up my photo notecards.

It’s not even Halloween yet but I’m already dipping in to the freezer to enjoy summer’s bounty. Tonight-corn from the cob and a peach ginger cake made from our peach picking excursion. mmmmm!


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