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Well, my first craft fair has come and gone. I can’t say it was a very big success, but I’m not bitter about it because, frankly, it didn’t seem like anyone was doing a brisk business. There just didn’t seem to be that many shoppers. I have to give credit to the organizers, though and all the volunteers–this was super organized, ran smoothly, there were so many Immaculata students helping out, and it was really nicely put together.  Looking around at all the other tables I think our table displayed well and we had beautiful goods. People were admiring and complimentary about the aprons, and many people seemed to like looking through the photo notecards and were tickled by the baby chick pictures. The ones like these (the bottom one had the stamped caption, “How’s my hair?”:
Florence Nightingale

How's my hair?
People admired my moms dolls and animals, but she only sold three all day.
Selling Our Wares at the Craft Fair
As for me, I only sold ONE apron (Merry Christmas, Hello Kitty) and it was to a friend of mine. In fact, out of the $167 I made today, all but $40 of was sold to friends. And not only that but three of the items sold haven’t been made yet because they are going to be custom aprons. You know, last year I had the idea of having a holiday open house for my friends and their friends where I’d have my wares out, but I thought it would be too weird to invite friends over to shop my things. But it turns out they all seem to like buying my stuff so perhaps I’ll just do that next year. And if they make things (Megan, I’m looking at you and your crocheting) I’ll encourage them to bring their things too.
Selling Our Wares at the Craft Fair
I was definitely worried about our prices being too high but I sincerely feel that I could not sell my items at lower prices given the time and materials used. Also, when I look around at Etsy and other shoppes they seem comparable. So while they many not be inexpensive I think they are appropriately priced. I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t sell any of the jewelry rolls since last week I rushed to create them to have them.
As I’ve said all along it’s a good thing I like my stuff because I’m happy to keep or gift it. But also, I did set up an Etsy store a while ago and just not put anything in it. So I will likely get that going for real now. I wish I could find a local place willing to put out my notecards, but for now they can go in the shop as well. Oh, and out of the money I made I also spent money at a few tables myself.

I would feel discouraged for us, except that: Mom’s hairstylist wants to sell the dolls in her shop, a lady once bought Mom’s dolls out of her trunk, and I have had an Etsy shop for a while just waiting to be filled up with goods. I think our things were lovely, they just didn’t have a good audience today. And now I can relax and have fun sewing some things that I want to for myself-a Christmas bunting, some placemats, a couple of funky potholders, and a dress for Tabby.

So it was a mixed day-definitely disappointing, but not embarrassing.

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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. I’m sorry things didn’t go as well as you had hoped! Still, it sounds like you learned a lot and made some great contacts that are sure to be valuable going forward. I’ve only done two craft shows so far (and will be doing two more in December) and it seems to me that each one is vastly different. It’s difficult to predict what will sell well and how things will go – I guess maybe if you do a ton of shows you get better at predicting. I love those notecard pics! Did you get them printed up somewhere? I was thinking of doing that with some of my photographs (to use for my own mailing purposes, but selling them is a nice idea, too) but wasn’t sure where to get them printed. I highly encourage you to try out more stuff in your etsy shop! I adore the items I have from you and I’m sure there are many other people out there who would, too.:)

    • THanks Anne. I felt so encouraged by everyone that it was definitely a bit of a letdown. I meant to spend today putting my items in my shop, but didn’t get around to it. The notecards I made by just ordering glossy prints of the pictures and then adhering them with super strong glue dots to my blank cards (some of my cards are really nice Strathmore watercolor cards with deckle edge). If they have a caption I stamped it on before doing the photo and I used my Martha Stewart typewriter font stamps to do that. Oh, and the back of every card has my little Cornish hen logo, which I carved and then stamped on them all. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement! Oh, and I didn’t do the credit card thing because there was no wifi and good thing because it didn’t matter anyway.


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