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Thanksgiving Decorations
Thanksgiving is this week and this year I was delighted to be able to pull out some Thanksgiving decorations-the glass turkey I made last year and the bunting I made last year.  Every time I walk into my kitchen I see the friendly “Give Thanks” and I do pause and think of something I’m thankful for.
Thanksgiving Decorations
Clearly this year, post hurricane, I’m thankful that we did not live somewhere where we would have lost our home and I’m grateful to have a roof over our heads.  I am also thankful that my children are fans of Hayao Miyazaki and count Ponyo as one of their favorite films. This weekend we watched The Secret World of Arrietty (based on the novel The Borrowers) and it was charming and wonderful.

I am thankful for our chickens.  Not only do they give us fresh and healthy eggs, but they provide me with daily entertainment with their shenanigans and personalities and are teaching my children about nature and life cycles.  Paul just discovered an egg laid today in the grain barrel and I presently have almost 4 dozen eggs in my fridge (about to be distributed to friends.)

I am thankful that I have a hobby and interests.  I sometimes get frustrated with not having enough time to sew and the craft fair gave me stress, but when I don’t have that going on I really do have a good time playing with fabrics and creating things.

I am thankful for my public library…and you should be too!

OK, enough with the thankful (I actually had a pretty grouchy, unthankful day) and on to some crafty.  After the disappointment of the craft show I decided I would put everything into my Etsy shop and get it up and running. Of course, I didn’t have the chance to do that yesterday or today, but I did make a new tiny chicken apron and take some chicken pictures for a new image.  I don’t actually like these as much as I like the original one of Blackie in her apron.
The New Face(s) of The Cornish Hen
The New Face(s) of The Cornish Hen
In the meantime, a friend who likes my pictures of the chicks and animals all dressed up inspired me to do a Christmas scene with the guinea pigs. I’ll have to come back to it tomorrow in better lighting (and placement), but for now I’ve made little hats and stockings for them.
Merry Nibbles

And, ending on a food note. I made a great new recipe last night from the book Chicken and Egg-a chicken and spinach pie. The filling included chicken, spinach, feta, ricotta, and eggs. The shell of the pie was phyllo.
Chicken & Spinach Pie

Chicken & Spinach Pie
The kids loved this and devoured it. I’m thinking this filling would also be good in small pies made with pizza dough.


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