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Baby Steps to Christmas

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We had a very nice long Thanksgiving weekend.  The day after we saw Phineas & Ferb Live! at the State Theater and had a grand time.  I felt a little bit bad for the performers given how not booked the theater was.  It was pretty funny and we’re all big fans of the tv show, so we had a good time.  Here’s Paul’s review.  Yesterday afternoon we went to see Wreck It Ralph and absolutely loved it.  The ironic tragedy of the weekend was the discovery on Saturday that our basement chest freezer had apparently stopped working.  I’d guess it was out for longer than three days as everything in it was perfectly defrosted. Not spoiled, still cold, but completely defrosted.  The irony here is that when our power was out for 3 days from the hurricane we lost very little from our refrigerator/freezer-everything in the basement freezer was still frozen! We had a big fresh ham that was supposed to be our Christmas dinner but had to be our Sunday dinner instead and I have to say, it was delicious and I’m glad we had to have it.

I liked having Thanksgiving so early this year, though we did not do any Christmas decorating at all this weekend.  I listened to a little music yesterday, and of course Hermie, our Elf on the Shelf arrived on Friday morning, ready to begin his spying on the children.  I did begin my own Christmas crafting for us.  Replacing the Give Thanks banner with a Merry Merry one I finished just this morning:

And I have this lovely charm pack of Christmas fabric that I just can’t figure out what to do with.  I made one potholder
and fiddled around with possible coasters.

I’ve got several custom apron orders I need to get on with, and I think I’ll do some more Christmas potholders for gifts.  Oh, one other thing we did this weekend was have fun taking Christmas pictures of Blackie and Nibbles:
Blackie & Nibbles Xmas Photo Shoot

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