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Merry Christmas!

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A New Christmas Decoration
What a wonderful Christmas we had! Now it’s the day after or, as I like to think of it, the day of playing with all our Christmas gifts and enjoying them in a more leisurely fashion.  I’m happy to say that although our kids were somewhat demented with excitement on Christmas Eve Eve (our friends Liz and Eleanor joined us for a traditional Christmas game night which is always loads of fun) and Christmas Eve, they had no trouble getting to sleep and Paul and I had a lovely time setting up things while watching the unseasonal and always funny movie Undercover Brother.
Hung, with care
Clark, our daily early riser, was under instruction to not come wake us up until 6:30am. He arrived promptly at 6:30, but we stayed in bed for 20 more minutes until we woke Tabby and headed downstairs to see what Santa had brought. First, we open our stockings. Candy! Tiny toys! Fun things for me like lens caps and interesting snacks for Paul like “Snackle Mouth” (which Santa clearly put in because who could resist the name and cover image?) Then on to the presents…

Christmas Debris

On Christmas day you are totally allowed to eat Christmas stocking treats as early as you want to. Thus, Doritos before breakfast and glee over a mega sized KitKat.
Christmas means eating things in the morning that normally you'd never be allowed to

Christmas means eating things in the morning that normally you'd never be allowed to
A break for breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon (my aunt sent us an amazing box of bacons and it was delicious), and the traditional sticky buns.
Christmas Breakfast
We don’t always have big gifts, but this year each of the kids did get a pretty big gift. Tabitha got an American Girl doll.
Tabby got an American Girl doll, Molly
She’s always enjoyed the catalog and this fall became really interested in getting one.  I didn’t think she was ready for one and told her so and she responded by taking better care of the dolls she does have and playing with them more.  I’ll tell you-I think the American Girl doll racket is a huge one and I can’t believe the expensive things they sell, but if they had been around when I was a kid I would have desperately wanted one. So long story short, (well not really) I decided we should get her one despite how expensive they are.  And you know what? It was so worth it. She spent the entire day saying thank you and how much she loves her and how much she loves me and talking to Molly and hugging her. I also got her an outfit from the lady at the craft fair who sells beautiful American Girl clothes she makes and she absolutely loved that. I can see I will be making some 18″ doll outfits myself soon.
Tabby got an American Girl doll, Molly
Clark has wanted a bow and arrow for a long time (he asked Santa for one last year) and this year he got to try archery with Cub Scouts.  Paul found a real bow and arrow (compound bow) for children and we got it.  Unlike all his nerf bows and arrows this one could hurt you if it landed on you. He’s so excited and proud.
Ready, aim...
Other big hits: a chemistry set for Clark,
Science is Real
a science experiment set for Tabby, a beanbag chair,
Kickin back with her two favorite gifts
a Barbie DJ turntable she’s wanted for a year, a voice recorder for all the songs she always wants me to record her singing, board games, Angry Birds Darth Vader sweatshirt, and lots of other fun things.
Santa made Paul's childhood dream come true
Oh, and both kids absolutely loved it that I made them mugs with photo collages on them. And wonderful things for me and Paul, too! We love to give each other gifts (why wouldn’t we? I don’t understand couples who don’t give each other gifts-we love each other and like each other and like to get things the other person would like.) Books and cds, a foot spa, a window birdfeeder,an illustration book for me, scone mixes, games, and the wackiest thing-a print of Abraham Lincoln riding a T.Rex printed on a dictionary page.

My mother spent the day with us and there was more present opening, playing with presents, snacking on sticky buns, and finally dinner.  I like to keep cooking very simple on Christmas Day,but still want something nice, so I bought a london broil for us, seasoned it and just tossed it in the oven with potatoes.  We ate on our fancy china, so it was nice. And mom made this amazing and Christmassy cake:
Cranberry Cake

Cranberry Cake
Our Christmas tradition is that usually after the kids go to bed we watch A Christmas Story, but this year we skipped it in favor of another episode of the BBC’s Sherlock.
Oh, and p.s. no guinea pig babies on Christmas. Perhaps they’ll be New Year’s babies. So, a very satisfying Christmas.  All in all, the whole season has been very festive.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too!


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