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We finally got some nice proper pretty wintery snow. I say finally, but really this is the sort of snow that is just right for ushering in January and saying goodbye to Christmas.  The days after Christmas are always strange for me-I love the holiday season, the anticipation, the merriment, and it’s always a bit of a sad letdown afterward. I don’t even like to go into stores because I feel like my bubble is burst–“what are people buying? we just had presents!” The real world always seems strange.  I like to have days and days after of playing with our new things.  We got lots of new games for kids and grown-ups, which we’ve been enjoying.  Paul has been painting. And I got a new embroidery book which has provided some nice inspiration.  Here is the “spider web stitch” that I’ve just learned.
second try-a much better spider web stitch
On Friday we joined my mom at the Morris Museum, which I don’t think I’ve ever been to despite it being a pretty local museum. We especially enjoyed the model train exhibit and the art exhibit featuring works of art made out of toys.
The artist carved the alphabet into the tips of these pencils using a sewing needle and razor
Tabby and Grandma check out globes made our of melted plastic army men
And of course the baby guinea pigs have been a wonderful post-Christmas highlight. They are just too cute and now they are quite noisy when you take them out of the cage. I tried to do a festive photo shoot with props, but my goodness they are squirmy!
Stockingfull of piggies

Now about that snow…we had a lovely time playing outside with our snowtubes and sled down the little slope of our backyard. Its a small hill that ends with you crashing directly into weeds, but it is surprisingly fun. After a fun afternoon doing that we headed inside to have pizza and watch Pirates of the Caribbean in front of the fire.

Christmas Coop
For me New Year’s is all about the end of year posts-Project 365, my top 10 books of the year, a look back at the year for our family, and a look ahead at 2013 including my goals and resolutions. But first I need to get caught up on the book blog before Tuesday, or I will consider it a ginormous personal failure.


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