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Guinea Pig Babies-One Week

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Big Carrot, Little Piggies
It’s been one week now since the guinea pig babies were born. We’ve quickly taken to calling them Little Nibbles (looks exactly like Nibbles), Little Blackie (looks like Blackie), and Fluffball (solid black.) They pretty much look like regular guinea pigs, but smaller (which makes their ears look bigger.) What you probably can’t tell in pictures is how incredibly soft their fur is.
6 days old
They continue to nurse, but we do also see them eating regular food.
Eating Grownup food
And in the past couple days even a few bites of the fruits and vegetables we give them. They also enjoy alfalfa. This big carrot was to give a size comparison (in pictures of just the babies it’s hard to tell if they are small or big), but when I put it out they all got quite excited and their furry little mouths all over it. I think it may have been too big for them to get an actual bite, though.
Big Carrot, Little Piggies
The cats continue to be very curious and stalker-y about the babies. We’ve put cardboard along the sides so that they cannot stick their paws through and poke at them. Now that they often scamper around making noises they attract their attention.

Here are a couple of videos that show them scampering about and being noisy and cute. And you just might notice that stalker cat in one of them. 🙂



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  1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea what kind of noises they made! Coraline found that quite interesting, too, btw. 🙂


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