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A Long Weekend

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It is freezing today! Proper icy winter weather, and quite a change from the super balmy afternoon we had on Sunday. So balmy we took the guinea pigs out for a very quick outdoor photo (not so balmy that I felt they could be outside for more than a few minutes) and to let them taste grass.
Little Fluffball Snacks on Grass
Group Shot
The babies are getting much bigger and it’s time for us to think about finding homes for them. They are adorable and I’d love to keep them, but then we’d have 5 guinea pigs. And that’s waaaaay too many. As it is I already feel like between the chickens, guinea pigs, cats, dog, and humans I spend most of my day feeding someone. Speaking of chickens I was looking forward to writing about some funny goings on, including that four of them are not sleeping in the coop. Well, change that to 3-poor Roberta died this morning. She had looked poorly for a couple of days, I’m guessing egg bound? I brought her in the house this morning to check out her bottom and then put her back outside and an hour later she was dead 😦  Although, as Paul cavalierly remarked, “We never liked her very much anyway.”  So those other three-2 of them sleep in a tree and the other is Quicksilver, who is committed to staying on her nest.  It’s in the garage and safe and sheltered so it’s no trouble to us, but surely nothing is coming out of those eggs.
Quicksilver's Nest
And it’s actually quite uncommon for Sebrights to go broody (so how does the breed perpetuate?), so good for her! And a few days ago a Buff Orpington also started sitting and is quite broody about it-vicious! What’s up with these winter setters? Is it a practice run?
While working in the garage Paul also discovered a secret laying place.
32 eggs I gathered!! We tested them all in a bowl of water to see if they were fresh or rotten.
To the kids’ disappointment not one floated (indicating rottenness.) They were all fresh to 2 weeks old.

The flower pot remains a popular laying place, especially now that broody Buffy has taken the favored nesting box. I gathered 10 eggs from the pot yesterday!
Egg Laying Spot #2

It’s super cold tonight so I hope they are all ok. I think in the snug coop all fluffed up together they are actually fine, but I do worry about our fuzzy Silkies.


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