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A Snowy View
I haven’t written much lately-nothing big going on, just lots of little things to record. We’ve finally had some nice winter snow! Farther north in New England it seems to have been quite a storm, but here it just feels like a long awaited beautiful snowy day. We woke up to about 6-8″ this morning. Deep enough to make the chickens unhappy. I shoveled a path for them from their coop to the garage. When I opened their door this morning most peered out unhappily, except for one big white hen who flew out and just started walking to the garage through the snowdrifts!
Snow Days for People=Fun, Snow Days for Chickens=No Fun

The snow started yesterday and because it was predicted to turn into a heavy sleety icy mess Clark had an early dismissal. We had a wonderful snowy afternoon/evening of two movies (Into the West, a touching Irish film, and the Phineas & Ferb movie-Paul and I are huge fans) and homemade pizza.
Today we’re attending an annual Pie Day party and I’m sure I’ll do a post about all the wonderful pies. My contribution is a chicken and spinach pie, which has a phyllo crust. I used the leftover phyllo to make a quick strudel which I am eating as I type. Not bad for a snowy morning 🙂
Clark and I are also working on preparing
a dessert for the big Cub Scout Blue & Gold dinner tomorrow night. Pictures to come after it is complete!
Also this past week two baby guinea pigs went off to their new homes. Word has it they are doing well, and pictures show them being very nicely loved. We’ve still got little fluff, who we think is a girl. If we can confirm it she is also spoken for. I did my very favorite guinea pig photo shoot this week as well. Behold, card catalog pigs:

(In case you’re not that familiar with your Dewey Decimal System, these pigs are in the appropriate drawer.)
The mother hen is doing great with her baby. Normally at two weeks old the mom would have the babies out and about a lot more, but she is sensibly keeping him mostly in the garage. She takes him out for occasional walks and before the snow she took him out into the yard.
Taking him away from the crowd
Last week I joined a quilting group at church and spend a really nice morning with very nice women working on tying two quilt tops. It inspired me to get back into my sewing room and return to the quilts I started a long time ago (robots for Clark, snowball for Paul and me). I finished a custom apron (but have yet to do its post) and have baked a lot of tasty things this week (buttermilk biscuits! Reese’s Pieces brownies! coffee cake! despite supposedly starting a diet this week.) And last but not least, I never wrote anything about the Pinewood Derby. It was a couple of weeks ago and was a fun Cub Scout event. This year Clark wanted to make a bacon car. He was pretty delighted with his design, even though he didn’t win anything this year. And Paul made a wonderful cutout for all the boys.
Paul and Clark (with his 2nd place in den ribbon)
Paul also made an awesome cutout for photos
So that’s the word from here!


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