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Commemorative Poster tracking the parties
January 23 is National Pie Day and for 10 years now friends of ours have been hosting a Pie Day party. We’ve been to several of them and it’s always a good pie filled time. In the past I have made a pear-cranberry pie, apple pie with cheese crust,ginger streusel pumpkin pie, and banana-walnut tart. This year I made a chicken-spinach-feta pie (which you may have read about here before) with a phyllo crust.
Chicken & Spinach Pie
(and as I made it in the morning I had a little leftover phyllo which I promptly wrapped around some cinnamon, sugar, and sliced apple, for a quick strudel. What a fun breakfast treat!)
Leftover phyllo? Strudel for breakfast!
I think there were something like 30 pies in all this year-sweet and savory. The pies come out two or 3 at a time over the course of the afternoon/evening and are mostly interesting pizza pies. This year there were three different buffalo chicken pies, a breakfast pie, chorizo pie, Rastafarian root vegetable pie (spicy and had brussels sprouts-I liked it!), assorted traditional pizza pies
, a sweet potato bison pie, and a brisket pie which had a biscuit crust with cheddar and bacon in it. I really like the brisket pie, my pie (of course), and a white pizza which was one of the best white pizzas I’ve ever had. I wish I had pictures of every pie, but I don’t because there’s a lot of people there I don’t know and it’s not my house and it would be weird to do so.
For the dessert pies there didn’t seem to be as many this year-and only two fruit pies! An apple pie, a strawberry rhubarb pie with crumb topping, and some chocolate whipped cream type pies. I’m already thinking that next year I’ll do a fruit pie with a lattice topping.
We’re definitely thinking of having our NJ edition of a pie party.


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  1. These look delicious. I haven’t heard of pie day before but any excuse for me to make pie… 😉


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