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O, Give me the light of the campfire, warm and bright..

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(that’s a Girl Scout campfire song called Flicker that I have sung many times around a campfire.) Our very busy weekend concluded with Clark’s pack Blue & Gold dinner.  But before we get to that we spent a couple hours sledding.  The big Northeast snowstorm only brought us about 6 or 7 inches.  Enough to be beautiful, but not inconvenient. And, more importantly, enough to play in.  Due to the pie party and a wonderful pottery playdate we didn’t get a chance to get out there on Saturday, so on Sunday we suited up, grabbed the snowtubes, and walked over to the big hill by us.  Though some mud was already showing through the snow, we still got in many good runs.  And it was so sunny and the uphill so steep
The back up the hill stinks.
that we quickly became very warm! (and forgot all about sun glare on snow and all ended up with sunburned faces.)




It was a great time. Then on to finishing our masterpiece for the dessert contest for the Cub Scout dinner. You may recall that last year we made a gorgeous rainbow cake with bright white seven minute frosting, that was not only beautiful but also delicious. And then we were very disappointed that it didn’t win. This year we planned to get there earlier for better display placement. Clark and I had come up with the idea of a campfire because he loved the lava so much from his volcano cake and we could make flames like that. Easy peasy! Buche noel type logs with sugar glass flames. I used a different sponge cake recipe for the cake which tasted good but I wouldn’t use the recipe again. Whites were beaten separately so it was a good opportunity to teach Clark how to separate eggs.
Learning how to separate eggs
For a filling I debated all kinds of delicious things and then decided that given the audience I would just use Marshmallow Fluff. We made a delicious chocolate buttercream frosting.
Cub Scout Campfire Cake
And then styled it with a stick with a toasted marshmallow on it.
Complete with Marshmallow prop styling
We thought it looked pretty awesome! (and tasted delicious as well.)
Clark received nine more belt loops. He and Paul have been doing a lot of activities together, which is nice for them.
Proudly Received NINE more belt loops
There was a dj at the dinner and it was hilarious to see 40 or so children under the age of 10 dancing gangnam style. It was an exhausting weekend and we’re happy to send everyone back to school (delayed opening for Clark-ice!) and Tabby and I to go visit our cousins and meet the new baby.


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