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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s that festive day of the year when all things are pink and heart shaped. I have to say that this holiday has become much more fun since having kids. I love surprising them with notes and heart shaped things and they are genuinely excited about ever Valentine they get in their class. This year I made homemade pink marshmallows for the kids’ teachers, and also for Tabby’s classmates. She only has 7, so not a big deal. Clark has 21 kids in his class and no candy allowed, so he passes out store bought Valentines.
Yesterday I made the marshmallows.Then we packaged them up with a graham cracker, tiny Hershey bar, and made the card say “We need s’more friends like you”mosaic marshmallows

I think it’s hilarious that most kids’ Valentines feature puns, because kids are not real pun enthusiasts. Except for my possible favorite I Choo-Choo-Choose You, which you must imagine Ralph Wiggums saying delightedly. Tabby was very pleased with these. For the teachers I packaged up a few marshmallows with a packet of hot cocoa.

For today I planned a nice breakfast of pancakes, with the best part being I planned ahead and rolled out and cut out heart shaped butter pats.
Happy Valentine's Day

#14 for 113 in 2013:  Valentine's Day
For dinner we’ll have cherry chicken, followed by some heart shaped chocolate cake.
Have a happy Valentine’s Day,everyone. Be sure to tell someone you love them today.
[As an unrelated update, last night I was able to confirm that Little Fluff is a male. He’s been moved into quarters with Nibbles. I believe we’ve got a taker for him, so before too long we’ll be back down to our original two guinea pigs.]

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  1. They look so delicious! 🙂


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