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MWS III (Midwinter Stitchathon 3)

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My project: embroidering a design on a piece that will become a tea cozy
Today was the now 3rd annual MW Stitchathon. That’s a fancy title for what is a nice afternoon in the middle of the winter with my friends sitting on the couch by the fire, working on stitching projects, eating snacks, and watching junky tv. Preferably wedding reality show tv. (Paul took the kids to the movies and then to Barnes & Noble to give us the house to ourselves.)

For drinks I cracked open a jar of peaches that I’d canned this summer in a vanilla syrup. Pureed in the blender and then topped with prosecco for a delicious bellini.
Bellinis made with home canned summer peaches in vanilla syrup.
For snacks we had fudgy rasberry brownies (thanks Liz!), baked brie (thanks Jen!), and I made a recipe we renamed Winter Sunshine (for the first MW Stitchathon.) It’s a recipe for a very orange sort of blondie, but a wetter texture. It’s heavenly, sunshiney, and citrussy.  You can find the recipe for it here.
the now traditional, "Winter Sunshine" (orange blondies)
For my project I started to work on a design that I’m going to have be part of a tea cozy. I spent the $1 to download the pattern from Urban Threads. I won’t be doing the entire design because I’d like to work some of my own doodle type embroidery onto it. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s coming along.
My project: embroidering a design on a piece that will become a tea cozyI’ll be filling in a design on the cup and teapot and then there are two birds too. Then I will carefully piece together the cozy.

By the way, the stitchathon got off to a start with a bit of excitement. I had been out taking a yoga class that my friend was teaching and returned home with just a few minutes to shower and get ready for everyone. Paul and the kids were out. After they arrived I went to show them Fluff and Nibbles, but when I looked in the cage they were gone! Egads! I guessed immediately that the kids were playing with them and then Paul said it was time to go to the movies and they just got up and left. But where could they be? The cats were useless in helping us out and we have about a million places for guinea pigs to hide. We found them upstairs under a bath mat (that I had tossed into the hall after my shower.) All’s well that ends well, I guess!


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  1. This is such a neat thing! And I adore the tea motif you’re working on.


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