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Owl Dress for Tabby

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I bought this owl fabric in the early fall with the intention of quickly making up a dress for Tabby. Well, it fell by the wayside in the midst of Christmas and apron sewing and I’m finally back in the saddle addressing all of my works in progress (wips, in sewing lingo!) This is the same pattern my mom used to make a beautiful summer dress and I used to make the yellow and black dress.  In this version instead of two tiers there is just the bodice and skirt.
Finished owl dress
And, instead of making ties out of the same fabric I happened to find some wide pink ribbon in my stash that is perfect for a nice big bow and pop of color.
Instead of same fabric tie I used wide pink ribbon. I love it!
The fabric is corduroy, but it’s pretty lightweight so I no trouble making casings, trimming seams, or any of that.
Elasticized neck and sleeves
Tabby is big for her age and want this to last through spring so I deliberately made the sleeves a little loose and hemmed it with a pretty narrow hem so that it will be long enough. It has a nice fullness to the skirt, too. Pretty, but comfortable and easy to play in. It was so satisfying to make this quickly and have her wear it the very next day.
A nice fullness to the skirt
Whooooo looks adorable? Tabitha does!
Tabby and Pippin


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  1. It came out very nice. You must have made it very quickly.

    • Thanks, Mom! I did it surprisingly quickly-cut out the pieces yesterday morning and in the afternoon stitched the bodice together. After dinner I did the skirt and today she wore it. And yes, to accomplish that Tabby watched a whole lot of stuff on the ipad.

  2. In the first picture it’s really clear how much she takes after her daddy! Gorgeous dress.

  3. Love the owl corduroy! I recently made my daughter a corduroy dress that is lightweight for spring and summer. She also has an owl dress that I need to post sometime! I made it out of quilting cottons.
    Love the big bow on the back too! My toddler is not fond of tie backs right now, but maybe she will like them again soon. (My corduroy dress!)

  4. I like your dress and think I actually recognize the fabric. I notice you did the vertical ribbon embellishment. I couldn’t help but think I would end up putting it on crooked!

  5. Very pretty dress, and the ribbon highlights it nicely.


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