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A Baker’s Dozen

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I wrote that title just because I wanted to say I collected 13 eggs today. But I think I will challenge myself to make this post be simply 13 points. Bulleted, because that’s how I like it. (for what it’s worth, at this moment there were only 3 things I wanted to write about, so let’s see if I have 10 more in my back pocket.)

1. I collected 13 eggs today. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten in one day. I’m pretty sure I collected everything yesterday, too, though I may have missed the one I discovered in the smoker in the garage. The others were in the normal flower pot, fig tree, and nesting box. Go ladies! I will use your lovely bounty to bake a homemade angel food cake this week.
Baker's Dozen

2. Clark signed up to do the Jr. Naturalist program at Duke Farms. It 12 sessions (once a month) throughout the year. Unfortunately he had to miss the very first one. The February session was this weekend and it was all about feeder birds. We learned a lot and even though it was pretty cold out, it was nice to do some birdwatching there.
Jr. Naturalist
3. Best birds we saw there were an American Kestrel (smallest hawk) and a pair of Red Tailed Hawks. With binoculars I was able to really see the beautiful colors on the kestrel. And though we’ve seen hawks many times around here, seeing a pair was pretty cool.  Apparently seeing a pair of them on a branch (as we did) and hanging out together is a sign of spring as it means they are looking to mate and lay eggs. Another sign of spring was the red winged blackbirds we saw. They had apparently arrived about a week early this year, so early spring.

4. That new knowledge came in handy today when we were outside and saw a pair of red tailed hawks gliding and circling around our house. Eyeing up our tasty chickens. We stayed outside for a while splitting wood and taking pictures until they went away.

5. Baby chick is basically mouse sized. He’d be a tiny meal for a hawk, but I’m sure they’d like him.
Little Chick

6. I might be finished with my embroidery project. I finished the second bird and am waiting a day to see if there’s anything else I want to add. I think it might be just right as is. (Of course, today on Flickr I saw some beautiful feather stitching and thought “Why didn’t I employ some interesting feather stitching on the wings??”)

7. I’ve been participating in a Flickr group called 113 in 2013. It’s a photo challenge/scavenger hunt to photograph 113 specific things this year. I find myself thinking that I could easily find most of the things, but that I really want to wait until I see something amazing and unique and fantastic. I’m trying to bump out of that mindset or else I’ll never finish the list. So far I’ve done Pink, Bad Weather, Something Old, A Pet, Whiskers, Rainbow, Keys, A Face in Profile, Alcohol, Valentine’s Day, Boots, and A Bird on Water. (Here’s a set of them.) I realized that one of my photo obstacles is that I live in a semi-rural suburban area and don’t get out much! So all my pictures of the kids, things in my house, our chickens, and our garden! Tomorrow I’m making us take an outing to a quaint and charming town and perhaps I’ll find some of the things on my list. I’m also enjoying checking out more people on Flickr and making more contacts. Here’s yesterdays entry-Boots.
#61 for 113 in 2013: Boots

8. We made vanishing marshmallow treats with my cousin a couple weeks ago and it was so yummy that I had Tabby and her friend make them this week. I first heard of these last year when I saw someone post this “recipe” as an elaborate metaphor for the Easter story. My cousin remembers making them at an afterschool cooking class. Roll a marshmallow in melted butter, then cinnamon sugar. Wrap in crescent roll dough and bake. Voila! The marshmallow vanishes and you get a tasty sticky cinnamon bun.
A super & tasty treat to let your kids and their friends make

9. I’m doing a lot of reading presently-for a new reviewing gig, for a reading challenge, and of course for my usual pleasure. A surprising thing I’m really enjoying? The American Girls series. Tabby and I are almost done with Molly’s stories and this week we checked out a couple other girls. They’re a little bit old for her and boy does she know a lot about life during WWII now, but she really likes them and so do I. We were cracking up over the fact that I could barely read aloud the last two pages of the Christmas installment. Christmas surprises from loved ones overseas during the war? Cue the waterworks for me. Every time I tried to read a sentence I started to cry!

10. We thought we had a taker for the third guinea pig baby, but that seems to have fallen through.
11. For dinner last night I made pork cutlets simply browned on each side, poured on some water to scrape up the bits, and added a few spoonfuls of the Caramelized Onion Peach Jam I made last summer. Makes an amazing dinner and sauce. Thank you, summer Sarah!

12. H. Jon Benjamin might be my favorite person on television. If you’re not watching Archer you’re not watching one of the best shows on tv. (But don’t watch it if you’re easily offended.) And hey, nothing to be offended by in this recommendation–New Scandinavian Cooking. Our Tivo recorded this for us and it completely fascinating to us and we really enjoy it.

Hey, I’ve almost done it! A baker’s dozen of anecdotes, facts, tidbits, what have you. For the last one….Huh. I’m pretty stumped. Oh, here you go
13. Today would have been Johnny Cash’s birthday. Go have a listen to some great songs. I’m partial to the very sweet If I Were a Carpenter, but maybe you’d like to rock out to Hey Porter or listen to the beautiful and sad Redemption Day.Johnny-Cash


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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. This was a fun post! With so much to respond to! First of all, 13 eggs? Including one in the smoker? Your chickens are hilarious and awesome. Second, I’m not sure I’ve congratulated you yet on your gorgeous finished embroidery piece! I saw it over Pookie’s shoulder on Flickr last night, but wasn’t logged in myself. It turned out great!! Third, those sparkle boots are more amazing than any other big-city boot item would ever have been — I love ’em. Fourth, don’t you mean “Waster”??? Fifth, I saw some red-winged blackbirds on my walk to work two weeks ago and was flabbergasted. I had no idea they were around this early, even if you adjust by one week. Anyway, that’s so excited to know to look for pairs of hawks, too, and to be confident that spring is definitely on its way. Sixth, good work on the pork cutlet pan sauce; that was 100% of the reason why I made those preserves last summer and I still haven’t used them that way… And seventh, I just love the thought of you sobbing through a sentimental Christmas story when reading to Tabby. Sometimes Pookie brings home books that the children’s librarian has suggested she take a gander at, and it’s always hilarious how hard the three of us will sob over so many of the stories — I’d be terrible at doing regular reading because I’m way too much of a softie.

    Whew! I think that’s all for now. 🙂

    • That was the most wonderful long comment ever! re:crying over the books. The next day when I was reading aloud a different book that got me all choked up Tabby said, “oh, are you going to cry again?” in a hilarious and adult tone.
      You really have to uses the jam on some pork like that-sooooo good!

  2. I am very excited about spring too – I know it’s coming! I could feel it in the air this morning. Also, my primroses are looking perky, my sedum is starting to…bloom? I guess? (Sedum’s weird), and I noticed a reddish haze on some of the trees that can only mean baby buds.

    • little signs of spring everywhere! I have primrose in a pot and it is not doing so well. But it only cost 99 cents at the grocery store and I’ve gotten more than 99 cents worth of pleasure out of seeing a blooming plant on my kitchen windowsill on these muddy cold days.


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